Get Ready for ‘The Owl House’ Movie with these Episodes on DIRECTV

Get Ready for ‘The Owl House’ Movie with these Episodes on DIRECTV

Beloved Disney series The Owl House ended in April after just three seasons. It was a short but incredibly sweet run, and fans of the show need not worry – your favorite characters Luz, Eda and King are coming back for a movie this summer.  

Created by cartoonist  Dana Terrace, The Owl House premiered on Disney in 2020 and in 43 episodes has become one of Disney’s most popular shows to date. The series revolves around 14-year-old Luz who aspires to be a witch, and Eda, her mentor and powerful sorcerer. One day Luz, a human, finds herself transported to a magical realm called the Boiling Isles. Throughout the seasons, The Owl House follows their various adventures exploring the different realms of the Boiling Isles, battling monsters, and discovering the secrets of the magical world, as Luz proves herself as a witch.  

Their adventures span fantasy, action, comedy and romance, but most importantly the show has been praised for its centering of LGBTQ stories, as Luz is Disney’s first bisexual lead character. Although Season 3 was the last, The Owl House movie will be coming to your screens later this year. So before the film comes out, we’ve collated some of the best episodes of the Disney animation for you to watch live or watch on demand through DIRECTV.  

‘A Lying Witch and a Warden’ 

Season 1, Episode 1 | 2020 |  ‘A Lying Witch and a Warden’ 

Where better to start than at the beginning? In the show’s premiere, we meet teenage outcast Luz who stumbles upon a portal to a new world. We are introduced to the show’s protagonists for the first time: the witch Eda and her young demon sidekick, King. In order for Luz to get home, she must first help them with a mission.  

‘Enchanting Grom Fright’

Season 1, Episode 16 | 2020 | ‘Enchanting Grom Fright’

By this episode Luz has enrolled into Hexside, a magic school, andEnchanting Grom Fright’  takes us to prom, or ‘grom’ as they call it in the magical realm. But it is no normal school dance, it is actually a coming-of-age ceremony where students must face their biggest fears in order to conquer them. We see Luz and her friend Amity’s relationship develop deeper, with Amity finally admitting her feelings to Luz – only after the two friends battle a monster to save their classmates.  

‘Understanding Willow’

Season 1, Episode 15 | 2020 | ‘Understanding Willow’

Early on in the series we sense there is an unresolved tension between Hexside classmates Amity and Willow. This episode digs into that relationship and provides the backstory of why their friendship ended. Adding depth to one of the show’s main characters, ‘Understanding Willow’ touches on themes such as bullying, forgiveness, and the power of friendship.  

‘Hollow Mind’

Season 2, Episode 16 | 2021 |  Watch ‘Hollow Mind’ now

Hollow Mind follows Luz and Hunter as they accidentally find themselves in the mindscape of Emperor Belos. Luz has been trying to prove Belos is truly evil, so being in his head is a good place to look for evidence. But something about Belos’ mind is different, spookier, than any other Luz has encountered.  

‘King’s Tide’

Season 2, Episode 21 | 2022 |‘King’s Tide’

The whole second half of Season 2 has been leading up to the finale, and ‘King’s Tide’ does not disappoint. The main characters’ lives are laid on the line, there are battles, highs and lows, and a cliffhanger ending – with Luz back in the human world and the portal closing behind her.  

‘Thanks to Them’

Season 3, Episode 1 | 2022 |  ‘Thanks to Them  

Season 3 kicks off with Luz and her friends back in the human world, they are trapped and have no way back to the Boiling Isles. The group spends months trying to work out the portal door, and in the meantime, Luz comes out as bisexual person to her mother Camila, so the episode becomes a touching insight into their relationship.  

Watch the Whole Series

While you are here, you might as well check out the next two episodes of Season 3 so you are ready for the movie coming in summer 2023. The Owl House followed Luz as she faced off Emperor Belos and his authoritarian rule, while more adventures and struggles along the way led to the release of the Collector, an otherworldly being just as dangerous as Belos. Season 3 ties up these plotlines and more, and without giving away too many spoilers, it follows Luz’s internal conflict over reconciling her human and magical roots, and deciding how to move forward.

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