DIRECTV Launches New Campaign Featuring ‘The Big Unit’ Randy Johnson with Bird Ballparks

DIRECTV Launches New Campaign Featuring ‘The Big Unit’ Randy Johnson with Bird Ballparks

Baseball season is in full swing, and to celebrate, DIRECTV is back with a brand-new campaign that focused on our feathered friends alongside a legendary pitcher turned photographer.

The newest campaign builds off the recent “For The Birds” advertisement which features two vocal pigeons, Bobby and Frank, complaining about the lack of a satellite dishes is cramping their style while educating consumers on how to watch DIRECTV satellite-free. Now, DIRECTV has partnered with MLB Hall of Famer, “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson to show the birds that their frustrations have been heard.

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Speaking of pigeons, did you know they can almost always return home? Learn more about our favorite feathered friends.

This new campaign plays off the notorious incident in 2001 when Randy hit a bird with his fastball while pitching for the Diamondbacks. And now,  Randy wants to do right by the birds with a “bird sanctuary,” designed like a miniature baseball stadium atop a DIRECTV satellite dish. Is any stadium experience complete without the accompanying ballpark food? Of course not. So, to be sure the birds aren’t left hungry during the game, DIRECTV has also created the “Millet Mullet,” a tasty treat modeled after The Big Unit’s iconic former haircut. 


No stranger to DIRECTV, Randy Johnson was also a star in last season’s GOATbusters campaign alongside “Big Papi” and Ken Griffey Jr.

To ensure no bird is left without a place to watch America’s favorite pastime, DIRECTV is giving fans a chance to bring the game to their own backyard. Beginning April 16, customers can enter for a chance to win their very own Bird Ballpark or Millet Mulle by visiting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Randy Johnson a photographer?

Yes. Since his retirement from the Show in 2010, he’s been focusing on building a portfolio and career in photography. He takes photos all over the world. His logo even plays with the notorious bird event mentioned above. Check out his portfolio at

What teams did Randy Johnson play for?

In his extremely prolific career, Randy Johnson played six teams, including Montreal Expos (1988–1989), Seattle Mariners (1989–1998), Houston Astros (1998), Arizona Diamondbacks (1999–2004), New York Yankees (2005–2006), Arizona Diamondbacks (2007–2008) and San Francisco Giants (2009).

When did Randy Johnson hit the bird?

The now infamous game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Francisco Giants took place in 2001.

How tall is Randy Johnson?

Randy Johnson, appropriately called “The Big Unit” is 6’10’’.