Your DIRECTV Moving Guide

Your DIRECTV Moving Guide

Is moving part of your summer plans? You’re not alone. In the United States it’s estimated that 40 million people move each year, with most moving during the summer months. Between hiring movers, packing your belongings, cleaning and travel, there is a lot to consider when you embark on a big (or even a small) move. DIRECTV is here to help!  With this helpful guide, you’ll have one less thing to worry about, and with a few simple steps you can have your favorite TV shows waiting for you once you settle into your new home.

How to Handle Your DIRECTV Move

Along with your utilities, you will want to move your DIRECTV service from your current house or apartment to your new home. When you have DIRECTV, in most cases, transferring service is as simple as making a phone call.  Check out the “Move Your Service” instructions for DIRECTV. 

Moving DIRECTV via Satellite


At DIRECTV, moving satellite service is as simple as 1, 2, 3 – and rarely involves moving a satellite dish at all. Follow the easy steps below to transfer DIRECTV service to your new home.

  1. Call 1-888-388-6683 (888-DTV-MOVE)
  2. Give us your new address and move-in date.
  3. Take TVs, receivers, owner’s manuals and remotes to your new place but leave the dish behind.
  4. Stay connected. Watch anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet and TV with the DIRECTV App.

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Moving with DIRECTV via Internet

Moving with DIRECTV via Internet is as easy as it gets, with no interruptions to your service. Just make sure you pack your DIRECTV Device and follow along and you’ll be watching your favorite shows in no time. And when you use the DIRECTV App, you can watch your favorite shows on your phone, tablet or computer along the way!

  • Contact your local provider to set up your new internet connection.
  • Connect your compatible streaming devices to your new home’s Wi-Fi.
  • Login to your account on DIRECTV to change service address.
  • Start streaming right away (or along the way) with the DIRECTV App!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer my DIRECTV via Satellite service?

DIRECTV customers call 1-888-388-6683 (888-DTV-MOVE) to find out details on transferring your DIRECTV service.

What if I’m a DIRECTV via Satellite customer moving to a condo or renting?

If you are moving to an apartment, condo, or rental home, you will need to provide the installer with a completed Landlord Approval Form before we can install and activate your TV service.

Can I make changes to my service when I move?

Absolutely! DIRECTV customers call 1-888-388-6683 (888-DTV-MOVE) to make changes to your service.

If I’m transferring my service, should I take my equipment with me?

Take your receivers, remotes, and owner’s manual with you, but leave your DIRECTV dish installed at your old address. When the technician arrives to set up your transferred service, he’ll take back what isn’t needed.

Should I cancel my DIRECTV via Internet before I move?

No. You don’t have to cancel your DIRECTV via Internet service when you move, just change your address in account management.

If I’m moving my service, should I take my equipment with me?

Absolutely. Whether you have DIRECTV via Satellite or via Internet, take your devices, power supplies, remotes, and manuals with you when you move. Just leave your installed dish behind.

Do I keep what’s recorded on my DIRECTV device when I move?

Yes. You automatically keep your recordings because they are stored in the DIRECTV cloud.

How to avoid DIRECTV moving fee?

DIRECTV via Internet customers will have no fees when moving. If you need a DIRECTV via Satellite dish installed at your new address, call 1-888-388-6683 (888-DTV-MOVE) to find out more about whether there is a DIRECTV moving cost.

What is the DIRECTV movers department number?

Call  1-888-388-6683 (888-DTV-MOVE) to learn more about moving your DIRECTV via Satellite service.

What to do with satellite dish when moving?

Leave your installed satellite dish where it is when you move. Call  1-888-388-6683 (888-DTV-MOVE) to get started.

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