‘The Bachelorette’: Meet the Cast

‘The Bachelorette’: Meet the Cast

Buckle up, Bachelor Nation. Season 20 of The Bachelorette premiered on Monday, June 26, and after an exciting first episode, this is sure to be the most dramatic season yet. This summer we get to watch Charity Lawson date 25 men on her journey to find love. Among this season’s contests are a pro-wrestler, a world record holder, a tennis pro and an underwater welder. Will any of these men get down on one knee and present the iconic Neil Lane engagement ring to wrap up the season? Here’s everything you need to know. 

Who Is Charity Lawson?

Sweet as a peach, Lawson — a 27-year-old from Columbus, Georgia — stole America’s heart on season 27 of The Bachelor. After an emotional send off from then Bachelor, Zach Shallcross, she was an obvious choice to be the next Bachelorette. Lawson is a child and family therapist with her masters from Auburn University, and she is inspired by her parents’ 47-year (and counting!) marriage. Per ABC, Lawson is hoping to connect with “a life partner who loves dogs, thrifting and a good tailgate; but, above all else, is honest, empathetic and values her for who she is.” With dates rumored to take place from New Orleans to Fiji, let’s take a look at some of the men fighting for heart. 

Brayden Bowers – First Impression Rose

Besides the final rose that leads to an engagement, the first impression rose is perhaps the most coveted rose of the season. In the past 19 seasons, 9 recipients of this rose ended up winning it all and sinched a proposal. This year’s lucky man is Brayden! It’s no surprise why Bowers caught Charity’s eye early on. As a traveling nurse based in San Diego, Bowers, 24, is looking for someone to settle down his dog, River.

Michael Barbour

This Chicago native is moving from the calming waters of the Lake Michigan to the stormy Bachelor mansion in pursuit of love. Barbour, 28, is a yacht captain and family man. Will he lay anchor with Charity?

Joey Graziadei

Graziadei, 27, spends his time enjoying the beautiful beaches where he works as tennis coach and professional player in Lawai, Hawaii. Here’s hoping his time with Charity is a grand slam!

Warwick Reider

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Reider is a construction manager looking to build a life of love. He describes himself as “as loyal, kind and adorably awkward.” He is proud of his Japanese heritage and hopes to attend an English Premier League game one day.

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John Henry Spurlock

As an underwater welder, Spurlock is no stranger to pressure. The 30-year-old is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. When it comes to love, he is ready to dive deep! 

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Xavier Bonner

Not only is Bonner an academic, he is also an adventurer! He is a biomedical scientist in Carrboro, North Carolina but says his idea first date is skydiving. Hope Charity is ready to jump!

Caleb Balgaard

Watch out — there is a professional wrestler in the house. Behind the tough guy persona, Balgaard, 24, is a romantic who wears his heart on his sleeve. 

Aaron Bryant 

The 29-year-old from San Diego hopes his future partner is “outgoing, emotionally intelligent and thoughtful.” Bryant is a software salesman and former football player. Safe to assume he is ready to tailgate with Charity!

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Tanner Courtad

As a dog lover herself, Charity might find the one in Courtad, 30. Growing up, he and his family helped rescue over 50 dogs. Currently, Courtad works as a mortgage lender in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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