‘The Bachelor’: Meet the Cast & Find Out How to Watch

‘The Bachelor’: Meet the Cast & Find Out How to Watch

It’s a new year, which means lots of people are making resolutions, and a popular one is to get back out there and start dating. That includes reality stars — like this upcoming season’s next Bachelor, Zach Shallcross. Get ready, Bachelor Nation, because we have a brand new love journey to fuel the fire. The highly anticipated new season of The Bachelor is on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC,  and according to host Jesse Palmer, it’s bound to be the most emotional season in The Bachelor history. Here’s everything you need to know.

Who is Zach Shallcross?

Zach Shallcross is a 26-year-old tech executive from Anaheim Hills, California, who won us all over with his easy smile and genuine love for Rachel Recchia in the last season of The Bachelorette. He’s said to be quietly charming and that he wears his heart on his sleeve — hence, a forthcoming emotional rollercoaster. Zach’s sentimental nature was clear on The Bachelorette because we learned that he’s a true romantic as well as a family man — he says that he loves his dogs and, most of all, his mom. Fun fact, another notable detail about Zach’s family was revealed during hometowns, is Zach’s uncle is none other than Patrick Warburton, who famously played David Puddy on Seinfeld and voiced the role of Kronk in Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. Zach has a huge heart for his family, but he also promises that he has plenty more love to go around because he’s really hoping to meet his special someone this season. And we’re all rooting for him to find his perfect match, especially after he got his heart broken on the last season of The Bachelorette.

Most Anticipated Contestants

There are several contestants that we can’t wait to learn more about. Note: These selections are solely the author’s opinion.

Bailey Brown

Bailey Brown hails from Nashville, Tennessee, and she’s a 27-year-old executive recruiter. But according to Bailey, that’s just her day job because health and wellness is her true passion, and she hopes to one day open her own wellness business. America will remember Bailey for her first appearance on The Bachelorette finale, when she gave Zach an easy rhyme to help him remember her name (it ended with “daily”). It was a good idea, but we soon learned that it didn’t take because Zach forgot all the girls’ names just moments after meeting them. Don’t worry, we’ll remember you, Bailey.

Brianna Thorbourne

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Brianna Thorbourne is a 24-year-old beauty entrepreneur from New Jersey. Brianna instantly stole America’s collective heart when she was featured on the finale of The Bachelorette. She stood out with her sparkling personality and endearing relatability when she admitted that she “almost fainted on the way out.” She also had a charming first meeting with Zach when she took a selfie Polaroid picture with him and then gave it to him to remember her by. He kept the photo in his suit pocket for the rest of the night, so it felt like she made an impression on him. And he wasn’t the only one. For the first time in Bachelor history, the fans voted on who would get the first impression rose, and she was the winner. So Brianna will go into the premiere with a rose in hand, which means that she’ll be safe during her first night at the mansion.

How to Watch ‘The Bachelor’

Watch The Bachelor on ABC Mondays at 8/7c.

Watch the latest season The Bachelor and many other highly exciting shows on DIRECTV