Caitlin Clark: Top Moments, How to Watch & Why She’s Great

Caitlin Clark: Top Moments, How to Watch & Why She’s Great

They call it the “Caitlin Clark Effect.”

Iowa Hawkeyes guard Caitlin Clark is a generational talent and scoring phenom, with her ability to make deep shots on the regular launching her to the top of the all-time scoring list, ahead of both Lynette Woodard and the late Pete Maravich, the men’s leading scorer.

Since she first stepped onto a women’s NCAA college basketball court in 2020, women’s basketball has surged into popularity. Millions have tuned in or traveled hundreds of miles to see her play, and Hawkeyes game tickets are up 200% over last year. And it’s not just women’s basketball that has benefited from her star power: The all-time leading scorer has helped boost interest in women’s sports is at an all-time high.

Now, she and the Hawkeyes are set to take to the court in her final Women’s March Madness.

So, what makes the legendary Caitlin Clark the best shooter in college basketball? Let’s take a look at some of her most impressive moments.

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Caitlin Clark Abilities and Highlights

Clark is in a league of her own when it comes to playmaking and scoring on the court. Here’s what makes her so special:

Unmatched Scoring Abilities

Clark has the uncanny ability to make shots that other players can’t, or at least not as consistently. She regularly sinks baskets from inside the logo paint near center court. This ability and her 40% three-pointer success rate had led to her scoring north of 1,000 points in both her junior and senior year seasons. She also has the second most all-time triple-doubles, at 17.

Perception and Basketball IQ

Clark also boasts a particularly complete game, performing just as well when making those long shots as she does when driving through the paint to finish at the rim or deceptively and masterfully working the midrange. She also possesses sky-high basketball IQ, allowing her to quickly pick up on cues, spot openings, and pivot her strategy on the fly.

Leadership and Inspiration

Clark is one of those rare players whose presence and performance often inspires the rest of her team and helps them build the momentum they need to secure victory.

Top Caitlin Clark Moments

Here’s a look at some of her most impressive moments from the current season:

What’s Next for Caitlin Clark?

Clark has announced her eligibility for the WNBA draft, and she’s expected to be picked first overall by the Indiana Fever, joining other elite college athletes turned pro like Sabrina Ionescu, Kelsey Plum, and Brittney Griner.

Who are the All-Time Scorers in Women’s College Basketball?

Caitlin Clark is among good company at the top of the all-time scoring charts. Many of her peers on the list are active in the WNBA. Here’s the top 10 all-time scoring leaders in women’s college basketball:

  1. Caitlin Clark, Iowa, 3,771
  2. Kelsey Plum, Washington, 3,527
  3. Kelsey Mitchell, Ohio State, 3,402
  4. Jackie Stiles, Missouri State, 3,393
  5. Dyaisha Fair, Buffalo/Syracuse, 3,351
  6. Brittney Griner, Baylor, 3,283
  7. Patricia Hoskins, Mississippi Valley State, 3,122
  8. Laurie Bauman, Drake, 3,115
  9. Jerica Coley, Florida International, 3,107
  10. Rachel Banham, Minnesota, 3,093

Who are the All-Time Scorers in NCAA Basketball?

And here’s the list including both men’s and women’s basketball leading scorers:

  1. Caitlin Clark, Iowa, 3,771
  2. Pete Maravich, LSU, 3,667
  3. Antoine Davis, Detroit Mercy, 3,664
  4. Kelsey Plum, Washington, 3,527
  5. Kelsey Mitchell, Ohio State, 3,402
  6. Jackie Stiles, Missouri State, 3,393
  7. Dyaisha Fair, Buffalo/Syracuse, 3,351
  8. Brittney Griner, Baylor, 3,283
  9. Freeman Williams, Portland State, 3,249
  10. Chris Clemons, Campbell, 3,225

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many points does Caitlin Clark have?

This number changes but at the time of this print she has 3,771 points.

Will Caitlin Clark play in the WNBA?

Caitlin Clark has announced her eligibility for the WNBA draft and is expected to play for the Indiana Fever.

How tall is Caitlin Clark?

Caitlin Clark is 6'0".

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