DIRECTV Adds Four New Channels to the Streaming Lineup

DIRECTV Adds Four New Channels to the Streaming Lineup

DIRECTV continues adding more choice and enhanced value for its streaming customers with the debut of another four new channels that appeal to viewers of all types, including sci-fi lovers, finance fanatics, design gurus and news buffs. Learn more about these new channels and how to find them on DIRECTV.

Alien Nation by DUST

Alien Nation by DUST is the home of the unexplained and all things aliens, paranormal, and unknown phenomena. Discover UFO sightings, real-life mysteries, mind blowing docs, investigative series, and the best of sci-fi. Now, that’s out of this world. From Phenomenon: The Lost Archives and Evil Encounters to Bigfoot Beyond the Trail and Sasquatch Unearthed: The Ridge, there are a lot of mysteries to uncover.

Watch Alien Nation by DUST on 4490 on DIRECTV.

The Design Network

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The Design Network delivers a fresh perspective on the fashion and function of home. Gain access to jaw-dropping home tours, top trends, and tricks of the trade from the interior experts and personalities you love. From Design In The Details and Tiny BNB to Mountain Villa and The Reveal, explore homes big and small that bring beauty and utility together. 

Watch The Design Network on 4365 on DIRECTV.


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News, profiles, in-depth analysis, and documentaries from TIME, one of the world’s most iconic and trusted brands, with a 100-year legacy of great storytelling. Explore news programs like TIME Reports, riveting documentaries with TIME Docs, hard-hitting interviews with Profiles in TIME, and content from TIME’s globally recognized franchises and events, such as the TIME100, Person of the Year, Women of the Year, TIME100 Talks and more.    

Watch TIME on 4012 on DIRECTV.

Yahoo Finance

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A top finance destination to track the markets and the economy. Yahoo Finance is a trusted source on everything about the market with live, 24/7 daily coverage. Stay ahead of the trends and on top of your portfolio with this new, economically savvy channel.

Watch Yahoo Finance on 4021on DIRECTV.

Stay tuned for even more channels as they release on DIRECTV.