What You Might Be Missing Without 4K

What You Might Be Missing Without 4K

All this month, DIRECTV has slashed prices on several movies in 4K, allowing you to enjoy thousands more K for significantly less money.* By watching your movies in 4K with DIRECTV, you’ll experience crisp detail and clarity that leaves HD in the dust.

Here’s a guide to some of the finer details within some of these films that you’ll only be able to see in 4K, maybe!**

*We’re being told “K” itself is not a thing, and this actually means higher-quality display resolution.

**The legal team wants us to point out that many of these are just jokes; however, the sale is not a joke.

What to Watch in 4K (for Less)


A futuristic tale in which weather is controlled by malfunctioning satellites, resulting in pulse-pounding action. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. Doubly so if you work in satellite tech support.

  • The top-of-the-line special effects look all the more impressive in 4K. The water stunts, in particular, look amazing. With the crisp detail of individual particles lovingly presented in the highest resolution, watch out! You’ll be the next thing to get swept away by the Geostorm!


Lloyd trains to be a Lego Ninja in order to save his world from evil. But there is no martial arts move more effective than putting a Lego on your enemy’s floor to be stepped on in the middle of the night.

  • Animated films were built for 4K. You might notice how much detail the animators somehow manage to squeeze into every frame (including a few blink-and-you’ll-miss’em background jokes!).


Ben Affleck plays a mob accountant, caught in the middle of a hit. He goes from crunching numbers to crunching bones. (Can’t believe that wasn’t the official tagline. Oh? It’s really bad? Ok.)

  • When Ben Affleck and JK Simmons are on screen, you know you’ll want only the best picture quality for the masterclass in scowling you’re about to witness! 4K means you’re getting so many more pixels of furrowed brows.


Christopher Nolan dramatizes the Battle of Dunkirk with literal boatloads of suspense.

  • Watching Dunkirk in 4K allows the viewer to see the actors in pristine detail, enabling you to easily tell the difference between each of the young, slender, brown-haired, British boys that star in the film, a previously insurmountable task for most people’s parents.




In Wonder Woman, we see the champion of right in her first big screen superhero adventure, way back in World War I! Don’t think too hard about how amazing her teeth look for the time.

  • In the vibrant color of 4K, Themyscira, the hidden island of the Amazons, looks far more beautiful than it does in any other film from 2017.

  • Look closely at the ground when Diana enters the gala at German High Command and you can see shards of broken glass from the ceiling Wonder Woman broke.


In this follow-up to the cult classic original, Ryan Gosling attempts to solve a murder, track down robots, fly spaceships, and engage in one of the craziest sex scenes in film history. There is nothing left for you to want from a movie.

  • In 4K you can actually see Harrison Ford wondering how many more of his movies he’s going to reboot next year.


An animated tale that tells the story of the Victorian era’s Batman hunting down Jack the Ripper. I take back what I said earlier: this is the only other thing I wanted from Blade Runner 2049.

  • When watching Batman: Gotham By Gaslight in 4K, you’ll swear that it’s actually “Gotham By Regular, Modern Lights!”


In one of Stephen King’s most famous stories, a group of scrappy kids goes up against a scary clown, finally putting to rest one of nature’s longest-running battles.

  • The image quality of the film is vastly superior in 4K, but the main difference is that your resulting nightmares will be in a much higher native resolution.

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