The first season of the SHOWTIME® comedy “Black Monday” built toward the infamous day from which the show derives its title: Oct. 19, 1987, the worst single-day stock market crash in history.

The first season finale saw reckless stockbroker Maurice “Mo” Monroe (Don Cheadle) staring down the barrel of a gun when Rod “The Jammer” Jaminsky (Bruce Dern), Mo’s supposedly-dead father figure, showed up and pulled a gun on everyone just as Keith Shankar (Paul Scheer) was thinking about killing himself on the balcony. The ensuing struggle sent the Jammer falling to his death courtesy of Mo, who then finally kissed his love interest, Dawn Darcy (Regina Hall), before fleeing town.

Here are four things fans can look forward to if you’re just catching up to season two of Black Monday.

There Will Be Fallout From Jammer’s Death