Face-Offs, Battles and Epic Showdowns: The Best Battlefield Blockbusters

Clashing with your neighbor? Alternate universe from your teenager? Showdown with your boss? Don’t worry, we understand and it sounds like you need a distraction. Facing off with an adversary, big or small, has been happening for eternity and we’ve got the movie suggestions to keep the battles on the screen so you can relax.


In this 1968 classic, the original Planet of the Apes that spawned a whole franchise, Astronaut George Taylor faces off with a race of highly intelligent and evolved apes, after he crash-lands on a mysterious planet where primates rule and humans are relegated to a primitive existence. Fighting for survival in this upside down world, Taylor becomes a symbol of defiance against the oppressive ape society. A totally different experience from the more modern films in this franchise, the old school costumes and special effects only add to the charm and excitement of stepping back in time. I guarantee you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you watch humanity fight for their future in this otherworldly adventure. 


300: Rise of an Empire is an action-packed epic that unfolds alongside the events of the original 300 film. As the Persian Empire, led by the vengeful and ruthless naval commander Artemisia (Eva Green), seeks to conquer Greece, the Athenian general Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) rallies an alliance of Greek city-states to defend their homeland. The film delves into the fierce naval battles between the Greek and Persian forces, with showdown after showdown as Themistocles faces off against Artemisia in a deadly game of strategy and revenge. With breathtaking visuals, intense combat sequences and a riveting narrative you’ll get an insight into why the men in your life are always thinking about the Roman Empire. 


This 1984 sci-fi classic delivers an epic man versus machine showdown. Set in a dystopian future, it follows the relentless pursuit of Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), a young woman targeted for termination by a ruthless, time-traveling cyborg known as the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). In a high-stakes battle to alter the course of history, Sarah is protected by Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn), a soldier sent back in time to thwart the Terminator’s mission. What unfolds is a heart-pounding duel where human ingenuity and determination confront the cold, unrelenting power of technology, culminating in a gripping battle not to be missed. As modern AI continues to develop, you’ll find yourself asking “is Skynet already here?”


Another classic, this 1986 sci-fi blockbuster is a sequel to the iconic Alien movie. Sigourney Weaver returns as Ripley, the sole survivor of the original Alien encounter, who decades later returns with a team of Marines to investigate a colony that has lost contact. What they find is a nightmarish horde of deadly xenomorphs, and Ripley must once again face her terrifying nemesis. As tension and terror escalate, the film transforms into an all-out battle for survival, pitting the resourceful humans against the relentless alien onslaught. Aliens masterfully combines pulse-pounding action with intense character development, creating an incredible battle that is a defining moment in the sci-fi genre. 


Television host and sports analyst Joy Taylor and former NBA player Richard Jefferson dropped in to the DIRECTV Studio, facing off against one another for the revered title of Triple Threat. Don’t be fooled by Joy’s small stature in this David vs. Goliath match up, she proved to be fierce competition for the former pro athlete. See who wins takes the crown.