Connect a replacement Genie receiver

Learn how to set up a replacement Genie receiver with a TV.

Exchange Genie receivers 

  1. Place your new Genie next to your non-working Genie with both backs facing towards you.
  2. One by one, disconnect and remove each cable from the back of your old Genie. The only cord you don't need to transfer is the old power cord. 
  3. Connect the new power cord to the new Genie and an electrical outlet.
  4. Power on your replacement receiver and your TV.

Reset remote control

  1. On your remote, press and hold MUTE and SELECT.
  2. The green LED will blink twice.
  3. Press 9-8-7 on the remote. The green LED will blink four times.

Set up your Genie on your TV

  1. The Satellite Dish Setup screen displays on your TV.
  2. Keep the default settings as they are.
  3. Leave the Order ID field blank.
  4. Select Continue and follow the onscreen instructions.

Activate your Genie and complete your setup

  1. Activate your Genie Mini online or call our automated activation line at 866.472.1984. You may need your access card number, receiver ID, and model number. They are on the barcode sticker on the outside of the box your replacement receiver came in.
  2. Complete your setup by following the guided screens to the end.
  3. If needed, a prompt to program your remote control appears. Follow the onscreen instructions or visit Program your DIRECTV remote control.
  4. Connect your receiver to the Internet by pressing MENU > Connect Now. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Return old equipment
Did you receive a return shipping label for your old receiver? Send it back within seven days to avoid non-return fees.

Set up multi-room viewing using Genie Mini

Are you replacing a Genie DVR and have a multi-room viewing/Whole-Home setup? Set up your Genie Minis and other clients with your replacement receiver. Select the title below that matches your equipment (Genie Mini or Wireless Genie Mini).

Set up your DIRECTV Genie Mini
Learn how to connect your DIRECTV Genie Mini to your replacement Genie receiver.

Set up your DIRECTV Wireless Genie Mini
Learn how to connect your DIRECTV Wireless Genie Mini to your replacement Genie receiver.

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