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  1. { "url": "https://cdns.directv.com/cms3/commercial/all_headers/DIRECTV_for_business_1-100_FCO.jpg", "delayInterval": 0, "reportingModuleName": "Commercial : Restaurants & Bars : Slide Header", "reportingElementId": "10970015", "reportingElementName": "Commercial : Restaurants & Bars : Slide" } $('header_slide_overlay').wrap('a', { 'class': 'scroll_click', 'id': 'scroll_click', 'href': '#mod_142084_2', 'tabindex' : '-1' }); <!-- <a class="js_rollover" title="offer-deets">Offer Details</a> --> <div class="dtv-rollover-tup" style="display: none;" id="offer-deets"> <div class="dtv-rollover"> <span class="dtv-rollover-content"> $10 OFF/MO. FOR 12 MONTHS OFFER: New customers only. Requires Auto Bill Pay and activation <br>of BUSINESS SELECT PACK with a 24-month agreement. DIRECTV will credit the new customer’s account <br>$10/mo. for 12 months starting in the second month. In the 13th month, the $10/mo. credit <br>will cease and DIRECTV services will automatically continue at the then-prevailing rate. <br> BUSINESS SELECT&#0153; PACK BILL CREDIT OFFER: Purchase of 24 consecutive months of BUSINESS SELECT&#0153; PACK <br>(regularly $57.99/mo.) required. Includes local channels (if available in your market), BUSINESS SELECT&#0153; <br>($41.99/mo.) and COMPONENT FEE ($16/mo.). Upon DIRECTV System activation and beginning in the second month, <br>DIRECTV will credit the new customer’s account for 12 consecutive months in the amount of $15/mo. for BUSINESS <br>SELECT&#0153; PACK, plus $10/mo. for 12 consecutive months when customer activates and maintains BUSINESS SELECT&#0153; PACK <br>with enrollment in Auto Bill Pay with credit card at the point of sale. <br> SONICTAP MUSIC CHANNELS OFFER: After 3 months, then-prevailing rate for SonicTap Music Channels <br>(currently $37.99/mo.) applies unless canceled or changed by customer prior to end of the promotional period. </span> </div> </div>
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    Turn customers
    into regulars
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  • Keep customers coming back for more with DIRECTV.

    Turn your business into the neighborhood's go-to spot with the undisputed leader in sports. DIRECTV for BUSINESS can help you bring in more fans nightly with packages featuring everything from NFL to NBA. And when the games aren't on, your customers can enjoy the best entertainment featuring the shows and movies they love at home.
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  • Get a quote today! Call 1-888-303-9117 or answer a few questions below. We’ll do the rest.
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Yes, send me special offers by email.

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  • img autoshops NFLST

    Satisfy your guests' appetite for entertainment.

    With over 180 channels plus amazing exclusive sports content like NFL SUNDAY TICKET, DIRECTV is just what you need to enhance your business. You'll not only get the ultimate entertainment experience—you'll also get tons of the hottest music without any licensing fees from SonicTap® Music Channels. Packages start at just $19.99/mo. for 12 months* so upgrade your business now!
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  • img restaurants MoreSports

    More games. More customers.

    Only DIRECTV has the sports packages you need to attract fans of every stripe with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, MLB EXTRA INNINGS, NBA LEAGUE PASS, and many more. Plus international and college sports coverage.
  • img restaurants International

    International programming.

    Create a home away from home for your international customers. Choose from a huge variety of foreign-language packages—including Spanish, Cantonese, and more—full of entertainment, news and sports from around the world.
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Business select pack: over 85 channels which includes news and entertainment channels like Bloomberg Tv,CNN,HGTV,USA network and more.Business select pack 1-100 FCO is $19.99/mo.Entertainment pack: over 100 channels which includes entertainment you want plus sports news from ESPN and ESPN2.Entertainment pack 1-100 FCO is $55.99/mo.Commercial choice pack: over 120 channels which includes entertainment choices like cooking channel,Fuse,Discover Family,plus NFL network,MLB network,NBA Tv and more.Commercial choice pack 1-50 FCO is $49.99/mo and 51-100 FCO is $59.99/mo.Commercial xtra pack:over 180 channels which includes entertainment you want,plus more sports from 4 ESPN networks,regional sports networks and more.Commercial xtra pack 1-100 FCO is $59.99/mo.
For 12 mos. with 24-mo. agmt. and Auto Bill Pay req'd. Price higher in 2nd yr. Add'l fees apply.

New approved commercial customers only. Credit card may be req’d (except in MA & PA). Prorated Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) up to $40/month for each month remaining in agreement. Pricing based on Estimated Viewing Occupancy (EVO) for select packages.

Commercial optimo mas pack:over 120 channels which includes 60 spanish and 60 english language sports and entertainment channels.Commercial optimo mas pack 1-100 FCO is $48.99/mo.Commercial Mas ultra pack: over 145 channels with sports in English and spanish from ESPN,FOX and more,plus more movie channels.Commercial mas ultra pack 1-100 FCO is $56.99/mo.
For 12 mos. with 24-mo. agmt. and Auto Bill Pay req'd. Price higher in 2nd yr. Add'l fees apply.

New approved commercial customers only. Credit card may be req’d (except in MA & PA). Prorated Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) up to $40/month for each month remaining in agreement. Pricing based on Estimated Viewing Occupancy (EVO) for select packages.

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sports price table

Sports subscriptions sold separately.

Order now 1-888-303-9117

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  • img autoshops SonicTap

    Groove to the beat.

    DIRECTV gives you more than just the entertainment, news, and sports everyone loves. Play SonicTap® Music Channels to motivate your team all day long with the hottest new music—and without additional licensing fees.
  • img autoshops Competition

    Don’t settle for cable.

    DIRECTV is available nationwide, so you never have to settle for cable. And with 99% worry-free signal reliability (based on a Nationwide Study of representative cities), the entertainment your customers love is always on the menu.
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  • img MVP
  • Put your business in the big leagues with the
    MVP Marketing Program.

"Commercial : Restaurants & Bars : MVP Marketing"
  • img customizable
    Get access to directvmvp.com, a simple and valuable online platform that gives you DIRECTV marketing support and a variety of tools, including posters, banners and more.
  • img calendar
    Use the DIRECTV Premium Sports Schedule to see when the biggest games are on - so you always attract a huge crowd.
  • sports bar app small
    Draw customers and drive traffic to your business with the DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder app for iPhone® and Android.
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  • 94% of bar and restaurant subscribers agree that adding DIRECTV to their business has been a good decision.

    Based on a December 2015 national survey of bar and restaurant subscribers who expressed an opinion.
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