Sports Central: NFL made easy

Sports Central gives DIRECTV customers with Gemini receivers a seamless way to follow every NFL game

What is Sports Central?
  • Sports Central is an easy, seamless way for NFL fans to find every game all season long—regardless of distributor or platform.
  • Users can even access games that are exclusively available on direct-to-consumer streaming apps like YouTube, ESPN+, Amazon Prime Video, and Peacock. (A subscription to these streaming apps is required.)
  • Complete information about Sports Central is available here. There’s also an introductory video on YouTube.
Who can access Sports Central?
  • Customers who get their DIRECTV service via a home Satellite dish and have a internet-capable Gemini receiver model C71KW-400 (pictured above). The model number can be found on the bottom of most units. You can get more information and order a Gemini receiver here.
  • Customers who get their DIRECTV service via home internet and have a Gemini (pictured above left) or Gemini Air (pictured above right) receiver. To order a Gemini or Gemini Air receiver, login to your account and go to “My Devices.”
How do I access Sports Central?
DIRECTV via satellite and DIRECTV via internet
The new Sports Central carousel is located in the Menu. From the carousel, users can access an NFL League Page, NFL RedZone, and live and upcoming NFL Games—including games that are exclusively broadcast on direct-to-consumer streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+ and Peacock. On the NFL League page you can view live and upcoming schedules and set recordings.
DIRECTV via Satellite
A new section of the Guide includes NFL RedZone on Ch. 703. Below Ch. 703, users will see a banner to access the NFL League Page and banners for individual NFL games.

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