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  • Elevated service, every step of way.

    DIRECTV FOR BUSINESSSM National Accounts entertainment packages are designed to support the unique demands of multi-location businesses. If you’re a Fortune 500 company, multi-unit operator, large footprint business or have more than 25 locations, then the DIRECTV National Accounts Program is perfect for you. Enjoy one-on-one service, exclusive sports coverage and the simplicity of having one provider for all your locations.
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  • img many locations

    A hands-on VIP experience

    Subject matter experts are always available to provide dedicated support and a single point of contact for all your account needs.

    Dedicated account manager and field services team

    National Accounts support team available 24/7

    Customized pricing solutions

    Expedited service and support

    Ability to grow and adapt with your needs
  • img first prize

    World-class entertainment solutions

    Across the U.S., you can get set up with the same high-quality video under the same custom program for all your locations.

    Nationwide availability

    99% system reliability

    Creating a brand standard at all locations

    A range of premium content and 4K programming options to keep customers and guests entertained

    The industry leader in sports, including our exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET package
  • img undesputed leader

    Simplified operations

    Streamlined program management reduces operational requirements and costs across all locations.

    Custom-built operations models

    Complex design and install support

    Consolidated and customized billing solutions

    Corporate and franchise support capabilities

    Improved ROI through exclusive national savings

    Reach all your employees using a secure video network
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  • Call 1-866-949-4504 today!
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  • It’s a whole new game with DIRECTV MVP

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  • img custome entertainment

    Delight your customers

    Turn your restaurants into live sports destinations with customized merchandising and marketing solutions.
  • img account questions

    Don’t miss a moment

    Access weekly schedules and stay in the know about all the must-see sports events. View Schedules
  • img promotional support

    The live sports app

    Customers can use our Sports Bar Finder app to locate your bars or restaurants—and watch the games they want to see.
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Additional services DIRECTV FOR BUSINESSSM
customers love.

  • img reach locations

    Reach all of your locations at once.

    Use our simple, secure Private Video Network to train or communicate with employees in multiple locations. Or even broadcast your own content.
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Contact a National Accounts Representative Today

If your business has ten or more locations, or is located in more than one state, contact us to find out how the DIRECTV Total Entertainment Solution can help you significantly enhance your business across your entire enterprise.

  • Give us a call at 1-866-949-4504 and let us develop a custom solution for you.

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