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  • You have options.
    But there's only one choice.

    DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS℠ entertainment packages are designed to support the unique demands of multi-location businesses. You can get everything you need—from exclusive sports coverage to the simplicity of having one provider for all of your locations.
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  • img many locations

    Many locations.
    One bill.

    Unlike cable, we're available nationwide. So we can service all your locations and send just one bill.
  • img first prize

    First prize
    in enterprise.

    The results are in. DIRECTV is the #1 total entertainment solution for national businesses.
  • img undesputed leader

    The undisputed leader in sports.

    Only DIRECTV has NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Get every game, every Sunday, all in HD—in all of your locations.
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  • Order now 1-855-971-7945
"Commercial: Enterprise: VIP Treatment"
  • Get the VIP treatment you deserve.

    DIRECTV Enterprise service includes dedicated account managers
    and support reps to address all of your entertainment needs.
"Commercial : Enterprise : Features"
  • img custome entertainment

    Custom entertainment options.

    Your personal entertainment adviser can create the perfect entertainment experience to suit your unique needs.
  • img account questions

    Account questions.

    Billing needs, installation inquiries, and programming changes can all be addressed by a single point of contact.
  • img promotional support

    Promotional support.

    Planning an event? We can help. Just ask for eye-catching promotional kits that are sure to draw a crowd.
  • img service request

    Expedited service requests.

    You'll move to the front of the line for new equipment installations and other service requests.
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  • Call 1-855-971-7945 today!

"Commercial : Enterprise : Additional Services"

Additional services DIRECTV FOR BUSINESSSM
customers love.

  • img reach locations

    Reach all of your locations at once.

    Use our simple, secure Private Video Network to train or communicate with employees in multiple locations. Or even broadcast your own content.
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Contact a National Accounts Representative Today

If your business has ten or more locations, or is located in more than one state, contact us to find out how the DIRECTV Total Entertainment Solution can help you significantly enhance your business across your entire enterprise.

  • Give us a call at 1-855-971-7945 and let us develop a custom solution for you.

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