Learn about DIRECTV DVR recordings

Understand your DVR playlist, how to manage your playlist, and tips on missed recordings.

View and manage DVR recordings

To access your DVR playlist, press LIST on your DIRECTV remote control. To manage your recordings, select Recording Manager where you can view: 

  • Upcoming Recordings
  • Series Manager
  • Recording History
  • Purchase History
  • Manual Recording Setup
  • Typical Recording Preferences
  • Playlist Share Settings

Troubleshoot your DVR recordings

Partial or incomplete recordings may occur during bad weather.

Deleted or missed recordings cannot be recovered. Checking the receiver history and settings may help determine why or how the title was missed or deleted and help prevent it from happening in the future. Some common reasons for deleted or missed recordings include:

  • Recording type set to All, Repeats, or Both episodes
  • The hard drive may be full and out of storage
  • Recording may have been deleted by someone else
  • Issue with receiver connections or setup
  • Signal or broadcast issue at the time of the recording
  • Incomplete guide data

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