Get help with error code 651

If you see error 651 on your screen, your HDMI cable is connected to the main Genie receiver instead of the Gemini device.


Why you’re seeing error 651

When your Gemini is set to co-locate with your main Genie server, the TV should be connected to the Gemini with the new HDMI cable. The existing HDMI cable should be removed from your main Genie receiver and no longer used. If your TV is still connected to your main Genie receiver, the 651 error will display.

How to fix a 651 error

Switch the HDMI cable from your main Genie receiver to your Gemini device. 


   1. Be sure to use the new HDMI cable to connect the Gemini to your TV.

   2. If the new HDMI cable is connected to the main Genie receiver, switch to the Gemini but keep the other end connected to

       your TV. 

   3. If the old HDMI cable is still connecting the main Genie receiver to the TV, remove and discard the cable. 

   4. You may need to select the input on your TV remote until the Gemini screen displays.


Once properly connected, the Gemini screen will display on your TV with instructions to pair your Gemini Voice remote control.

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