Rent or buy movies and TV episodes FAQ for DIRECTV STREAM

Learn more about renting and buying movies and purchasing TV episodes from your DIRECTV STREAM Device.
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You can search for, rent, buy, and playback ordered titles from your Gemini or Gemini Air device.

Gemini and Gemini Air are the streaming devices exclusive to DIRECTV. They allow you to stream live TV, use apps, watch on-demand content, set DVR recordings, and more.

To get a Gemini device:
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to Overview.
  3. Under My Streaming devices, select Manage.
  4. Select Add a device.
  5. Choose the quantity of devices and payment option.
  6. Select Change shipping address if you need to update the shipping address.
    • Enter new address on the next page.
    • Click Save Address.
  7. Select Complete Order.

You can explore titles under the On Demand or Watch Now sections of the main menu. If you’re looking for a specific title, you can search by entering keywords or using voice search.

Your search will show results from DIRECTV channels as well as from AppleTV+, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Max, Paramount+, and Disney+. If you have a subscription to any of those services, you can link directly to them from your search results.

If the title you’re looking for is available on more than one service, all your watching options will be shown. Available titles for purchase or rent are displayed in search results with a “$” shown underneath the title.

If you’re looking for a specific episode of a series, your search results will include the ability to navigate through all available episodes of that series. You can also bookmark any search results to watch later.

Movies and TV episodes for purchase are available only on the Gemini device and have a Buy option when ordering. TV episodes are only available for purchase. Movies are available for rent only on the Gemini device and display Rent.

You can locate your purchased titles by visiting My Library >> Purchases on your Gemini device and supported apps.

You can only buy individual TV episodes at this time.

Not currently, but individual episodes are available for purchase.

When you buy a title: Your purchased title remains in your video library for as long as you remain a DIRECTV subscriber.

When you rent a title: You have 30 days from the date of your rental to begin viewing the title. Once you start watching a rented title you have at minimum two days to watch it. Some titles have longer viewing periods.

When you’ve found the title that you want to bookmark to watch later, select the +Bookmark option on the title’s info page. You can locate your bookmarked titles under My Library >> Bookmarks.

  1. Go to Settings on your Gemini device.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Parental Controls and follow the prompts.
Heads up: Gemini’s parental control features do not apply to third-party streaming apps (like Netflix, Hulu, etc.). Check with the individual services for parental controls.

You must be an active DIRECTV subscriber to watch your purchased or rented titles. You will no longer have access to your titles if your service is disconnected, even if you return as a customer in the future.

If you pause your service, you won’t be able to watch during your pause, but your purchased titles will be available after your pause is finished.

Purchased and rented titles are not transferable from one DIRECTV platform to another.

Purchased titles: A purchased title remains in your video library for as long as you remain a DIRECTV subscriber. You have 60 days to cancel an unviewed title and get a refund.

Rented titles: Rented titles remain in your video library for 30 days from the date of rental to begin viewing the title. You also have 30 days to cancel an unviewed title and get a refund.

Canceled titles: You can cancel an unviewed title and get a refund. Canceling removes the title permanently and you will no longer have access.

It may take 3-4 days for you to see the refund on the payment method you have on file. Every financial institution is different, so the time could vary.

DIRECTV STREAM’s Terms and Conditions.

Review DIRECTV STREAM's Terms and Conditions applicable to your purchased or rented video content.

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) set forth additional terms and conditions applicable to your purchase or rental of video content (“Content”) through your DIRECTV STREAM service (the “Service”). Your purchase or rental is also subject to any other agreements (including privacy policies and customer agreements) and terms and conditions, in each case as updated from time to time, that may apply to your use of the Services. These Terms, together with all the foregoing agreements and terms and conditions (which are hereby incorporated by reference) collectively constitute the “agreement” that is referred to herein. You agree to abide by all the terms of the agreement, and your purchase (or rental) and use of Content constitutes your acceptance of all such terms. If you do not agree to any term of the agreement, do not purchase, or rent any Content.

1. You understand and agree that when you purchase or rent Content, you are only acquiring a license to access the Content for as long as you maintain a subscription to DIRECTV STREAM service (subject to any rental period limits), as determined by DIRECTV in its sole discretion. In addition, your license to access the Content is subject to these Terms, as well as any limitations imposed by any digital rights management technology used to protect the Content. Upon payment of the applicable purchase price, DIRECTV grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable license to access and use the Content solely for your personal, non-commercial/non-public, entertainment use. You agree that this license does not permit you to copy (in whole or in part), sell, rent, lease, distribute, broadcast, sublicense, transfer, or otherwise assign any portion of any Content and/or any rights or license associated with any Content (including without limitation, any code or credentials that allow access to any Content).

2. Subject to these Terms and any rental period limits, your purchased or rental Content will be available for playback on supported devices if you remain a DIRECTV STREAM subscriber in good standing as solely determined by DIRECTV. Access to all Content will be disabled upon deactivation or termination of your DIRECTV STREAM service.

3. Streaming of rental Content is limited to two devices concurrently. Streaming of purchased Content is limited to three devices concurrently. Data charges may apply. You are solely responsible for all data charges or fees incurred to stream Content.

4. You may cancel purchases and rentals of Content for refunds as permitted by DIRECTV. DIRECTV does not offer exchanges. The purchase or rental price of Content may change at any time. We do not offer you price protection or refunds in the event of a decrease in price, whether through a promotional offering or otherwise.

5. DIRECTV will not be liable to you if Content becomes unavailable for purchase, download, rental or streaming due to licensing and other restrictions imposed by the Content provider.

6. You acknowledge and agree that all Content purchased or rented through your supported device may be available to other users and user accounts associated with your DIRECTV STREAM account, on any supported device accessed by those users. Please visit for information on parental controls, locks and limits and password protection on your account.

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