Troubleshoot your Universal remote control

Having trouble with your DIRECTV Universal remote control? Try some helpful tips to fix it or order a replacement.


Helpful tips for Universal remote

Run your fingers across each button to make sure none are stuck or pressed down.

Check batteries

To test your batteries, press and hold any button on your remote. If you see:

  • A solid green light - the batteries are strong.
  • A fast blinking green light - the batteries are okay but may need to be replaced soon. 
  • A slow, blinking green light or no light - your remote needs new batteries. Remove the battery cover and insert two new AA batteries.

Check mode setting

If your remote is not responding, changing channels or adjusting the volume, make sure you have direct line of sight to the receiver.. Next, make sure your remote is set to control your DIRECTV receiver: 

  • At the top of the remote, slide the mode switch all the way to the left. 
  • If your remote controls your receiver but doesn’t work on other devices, change the input mode. Slide the mode switch to the input symbol (for example TV, AV1, or AUX).

If none of these options work, you may need to program your remote.

Pair your remote and reset receiver

Go to your receiver and press the Guide button on the front panel. If it works, continue with the steps below. If not, make sure it’s powered on and troubleshoot your receiver.

The remote uses light to send the signal to the receiver. If anything blocks the receiver, it can affect how well the remote responds.

  • Make sure nothing blocks the path between the receiver’s sensor or the remote’s emitter. The sensor is on the front of the receiver, and the emitter is on top of the remote.
  • Clean the remote control's emitter and the receiver’s sensor with a soft, lint-free cloth. Wipe the top of the remote and use the same type of cloth to wipe the front panel of your receiver.
  • Turn the brightness down on the TV.

Pair your remote

  1. Press MENU on the remote.
  2. Select Settings, then Remote Control.
  3. Select IR/RF Setup.
  4. If currently in RF mode, change to IR.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Press the Exit button.

Your remote should now be paired and you can change to IR or RF.

Reset your receiver

  • Most DIRECTV receivers have a red button inside the access card door or on the side of the receiver. Press the red button to restart it.
  • If you can't locate the red button, unplug the receiver's power cord from the electrical outlet. Wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in.

If you’re still having trouble, order a remote control.

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