Learn about program blackout errors

Get info about error messages 30001, 30002, and 50005 on DIRECTV STREAM.
  • 30001-014: Program isn't available on this channel in your current location, but may be available on another local channel.
  • 30001-016: Program can’t be streamed here.
  • 30001-019: This NFL program isn't available on smartphones, but is available on tablets and computers.
  • 30002-017, 30003-016, 30003-018, 50005-001: Program can’t be streamed here. The owner of this program doesn’t allow it to be streamed at your location.

Good to know:

  • The account owner’s billing ZIP Code controls viewing area and channel lineup.
  • You can’t watch local and regional sport network channels if you leave your area.
  • The NFL blocks viewing local, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night games on a smartphone.
  • Learn more about sporting event blackouts.

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