Why is my bill higher than expected?

Is there a difference in your DIRECTV bill amount? Here are some common reasons why the bill amount may change.

Your DIRECTV bill

You can see any changes in your bill in the Recent Activity area of Billing & Payments in your directv.com account or in the What Changed Since Last Month? section of your paper bill statement. Here are a few reasons why the amount you owe may be different than expected:
  • You ordered a DIRECTV CINEMA™ movie or Pay Per View event
  • You have a balance from last month’s bill
  • You added additional equipment, or upgraded your current equipment (e.g., You upgraded an SD receiver to Genie, or added a Genie Mini)
  • You incurred additional fees (e.g., Phone transaction fee, late fee, disconnection fee, Protection Plan cancellation fee, etc.)
  • A promotional offer or a rebate period has ended (e.g., 3 months of free premium channel offer, bundle credit discount, etc.)
  • You’re subscribed to a sports package that was automatically renewed for the next season
  • Your regional sports fees have increased due to programmer costs or because you moved to a new area
  • You received additional services or made changes to your account at the time of installation
  • Credits to your account haven’t been applied yet
  • You’re no longer eligible for an Internet bundle credit because you disconnected one of the services or switched to an ineligible base TV package
  • You have partial charges and credits due to service changes made in the middle of the billing period

If you still have questions

Contact us for additional help. Be sure to have your bill handy.

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