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  • DIRECTV for Senior Living Communities

    Quality entertainment
    in every room
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  • Make your residents feel at home.

    Whether your property is a continuing care, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility, DIRECTV gives you the flexibility to offer the quality entertainment your residents want at the affordable prices you need. Bring a more enjoyable, and more affordable, entertainment experience to your community today. Because nothing says welcome home like the ultimate entertainment experience from DIRECTV.
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The ultimate HD entertainment experience.

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    Big entertainment for every size community.

    The COM2000 is a next-generation HD headend ideal for any size property. Your residents can enjoy television without the need for a big receiver in each room. A single 48-channel chassis easily expands to support hundreds more. Its small, modular design reduces overall cost per channel by up to 50% for twice the HD channels over our previous solution. Plus, it's extremely energy efficient, requiring less than 225 watts of power consumption. So you're saving money in more ways than one, while filling your facility with premium HD entertainment.
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    Home sweet home.

    The groundbreaking DIRECTV Residential Experience delivers a more robust entertainment experience your residents will love with over 100 channels of HD movies and shows available. The easy-to-use, anti-microbial remote offers access to entertainment quickly through a simple program guide. DIRECTV Residential Experience Plus customers will enjoy a customized welcome screen allowing residents to find and watch their favorite shows, as well as easily discover property amenities, activities, and services. They can also enjoy the ability to play, pause, and even rewind live TV with HD DVR receivers.
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  • entertainment they want
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Enhance their entertainment experience.

  • Nothing feels more like home than snuggling up to a favorite show. With over 150 channels in the XTRA Package, featuring the best movies, original series and sports programming, everyone can find the shows they love.
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    More games for more fans.

    Only DIRECTV has the sports packages your residents need to follow their favorite teams. With the availability to include a variety of sports channels, Regional Sports Networks or DIRECTV’s exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET, your residents can be happy sports fans all year long!
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    Offer premium entertainment.

    Connect your residents with award-winning series, classic movies, and more premium entertainment from HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME® and Cinemax®.
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Base TV Packages

Base Tv Packages
Get over 55 channels.
Value-packed base package with 90+ channels.
Popular sports and news programming, featuring over 95 channels.
Our premium entertainment package with 150+ channels.
View Channel Lineup View Channel Lineup View Channel Lineup View Channel Lineup

To see our international packages and additional add ons, click here

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