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  • Make your patients’ stay more enjoyable.

    Put your patients and their loved ones at ease with the DIRECTV entertainment they love. It’s a great way to upgrade your patients’ experience—for a price that won’t break your budget. Have questions about installation? Contact us and we’ll work with you to find the best technology solution for your hospital.
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  • Give your patients the entertainment they want.

    Nothing feels more like home than snuggling up to a favorite show. With access to over 155 channels in the XTRA Package, featuring the best movies, original series and sports programming, everyone will find the shows they love.
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  • COM3000

    Big entertainment for any size facility

    The COM3000 is DIRECTV’s third-generation HD and 4K^ headend video solution. Packing the most channels into the smallest footprint in the industry, DIRECTV’s solution supports up to 138 HD channels, including 4K^ programming, the industry’s best picture format. Available for any size property over most wiring schemes, the COM3000 is ideal for properties with large room counts where property owners don’t want a receiver for each TV.

    U.S. domestic satellite TV industry.
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  • MASTER TV SonyKDL50r55X StraightOn M3R reflect AEP

    The Advanced Entertainment Platform††

    DIRECTV’s next-generation content delivery solution provides DIRECTV linear satellite, Apps and On Demand content included at no additional cost for an enhanced entertainment experience. This solution adds an in-room set-top box, antimicrobial custom remote and cloud services to the HD COM Systems.
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  • MASTER TV SonyKDL50r55X StraightOn M3R reflect DRE

    Make your patients feel like they’re at home

    Help banish patient boredom with the DIRECTV Residential Experience (DRE). DRE delivers a robust entertainment experience your patients will love with access to over 100 HD channels*, movies and shows. The easy-to-use, anti-microbial remote offers entertainment access through a simple programing guide, just likes patients are used to getting at home with DIRECTV. Ask about equipment subsidies on the DIRECTV Residential Experience.
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Base TV Packages

Base Tv Packages
Get over 50 channels.
Value-packed base package with 100+ channels.
Popular sports and news programming, featuring over 105 channels.
Our premium entertainment package with 155+ channels.
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To see our international packages and additional add ons, click here

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