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  • Turn your business into a local hotspot

    Attract more customers than ever with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, exclusively from DIRECTV. Plus, get access to
    MLB EXTRA INNINGSTM, get exclusive tennis and golf coverage included, and so much more. You even get FREE promotional kits with every sports package - so you can let everyone know you have the sports they crave.
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  • Give your customers the entertainment they want.

    public viewing packages
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  • Public Viewing Base Packages

    Your customers will want to stay later and order more—all it takes is the right entertainment. We have packages for any entertainment taste and budget, from our fully-loaded COMMERCIAL XTRATM Pack to add-on specialized packages like HD Business and SonicTap Music.

    View packages and pricing
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  • sports packages

    Sports Packages

    Want to draw in more sports fans? Serve up our exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET, plus NBA LEAGUE PASS, MLB EXTRA INNINGS, ESPN FULL COURT, and other professional and college sports packages.

    View sports packages and pricing
  • international packages

    International Packages

    Catering to an international clientele? Make them feel at home with a huge selection of packages offering news, sports, and entertainment in their native language. We offer Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, and Russian programming.

    View international packages and pricing
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We’ll help you spread the word
about your business at no extra charge!

These FREE marketing tools will help drive even more traffic through your doors:

Here's what you get:

DIRECTV banners, posters, and coasters to let everyone know you have the best sports

SportsFix is a weekly email telling you when the biggest games are on - so you always attract a huge crowd

Access to, an online Merchandising Center, where you can create customized advertising and merchandise materials

Want to see how DIRECTV can improve your business?

Calculate your potential ROI and get personalized results from DIRECTV for BUSINESS.
Get Started

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  • Schedule your installation.

    Call 1-888-303-9117 or fill out this form. We’ll help you find the best equipment solution and set up your installation appointment. On the day of your appointment, a DIRECTV installer will bring all the equipment you need, set it up, and show you how to use it. DIRECTV Offer
    We have highly-trained DIRECTV for Business specialists ready to answer any questions, 24/7.
    Chat Now

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Top Questions:

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