Watching Live TV via over-the-air antenna

Get more info on how to watch Live TV using an over-the-air antenna.

Access over-the-air channels

  • An over-the-air (OTA) antenna can be used to view broadcast from local television stations that may be available in your area.
  • Antennas usually work well for local channels if you have a strong signal in your area.
  • Any obstructions (i.e. – buildings, trees, mountains) between your digital antenna and the broadcast signal may impact the quality of signal received.
  • Similar to satellite TV, antennas work best with a clear line of site to the broadcast source.

Check over-the-air signal strength

  • Check information about a broadcaster’s signal strength relative to your viewing location.
  • Typically, channels with “strong” signal strength may be picked up via indoor antenna for in-home viewing.
  • Channels with moderate or weak signal strength may vary with transmission quality impacting picture and sound.
  • Check your location here:

Note: These sites in no way guarantee signal strength.

How to Install an Indoor Antenna

  • Connecting to your digital TV is simple, usually via coaxial cable to Antenna In.
  • Use your TV remote to scan for local channels.
  • Switch your TV Input/Source to Live TV.
  • TV will display results in a few minutes.
  • For more information, including demonstration video: Rescan - Federal Communications Commission

Tips For Best Reception

  • Position the antenna near a window or high on a wall for optimal signal.
  • The higher the position the better the chance of receiving a clearer signal.

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