Set favorite channels and add bookmarks on DIRECTV

Save channels to a favorites list or add titles to your bookmarks on DIRECTV.

Manage your favorite channels

On your Gemini device

Get your favorite channels and networks all in one spot:

  1. Go to the Home screen.
  2. Select Guide and scroll through the channel listings.
  3. Select the Heart next to the channels you want to favorite. The heart will fill in when you save it as a favorite.

To see all your favorites in one location, select Guide, then Favorite Channels. To remove a channel from your favorites list, just select the heart again.

Set Bookmarks

You can bookmark up to 300 titles.

  1. Go to the On Demand tab.
  2. Review On Demand shows, networks, and movies for content you want to watch later.
  3. Select the bookmark pin next to the title to add it to your bookmarks.

Your bookmarks are saved forever, but a bookmark may be hidden if that content isn’t currently available On Demand.

Have a DIRECTV device? Use your remote's overflow button (...) to set bookmarks.

To see your bookmarks, go to My Library, then Bookmarks.

On your DIRECTV receiver

Create a custom favorites list

  1. Press "INFO"
  2. Navigate to "Favorites"
  3. Select "Setup Custom 1 or 2", press SELECT
  4. Select channels for the list
  5. Select "Name List". press SELECT"
  6. Type name of list, select "Update Name" 

Edit favorite channel list 

  1. Press Menu button
  2. Select "Settings". press SELECT
  3. Select "Favorite Channels", press SELECT
  4. Select Chanel list to edit, press SELECT
  5. Press SELECT on checkbox to add/remove channels from list 

Select a favorites channel list

  1. Press INFO button
  2. Navigate to "Favorites"
  3. Navigate to the "Favorites list", press SELECT

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