Fix DIRECTV streaming limit errors

Getting an error that says you have too many devices watching DIRECTV at the same time? Learn how to fix it.

With DIRECTV packages, you can watch unlimited streams at the same time while on your home network. You can watch up to 3 streams while away from home. Learn more about stream limits.

If you go over the number of streams for your package, you’ll get one of these error codes or something similar:

  • 10014-001: Looks like the maximum allowed number of streams are already playing. Close one of your other streams to play the one you want.
  • 20001-020: You have too many video streams already playing. Close a stream playing on another device to watch on this device.
  • 30001-018, 30002-019, or 30003-020: You have reached your streaming limit. Please close another stream or upgrade your subscription.

Good to know: It can take a few minutes after closing out of one device to start watching on another. If the issue continues, try these tips:

• Close and restart the DIRECTV App.
• Look for DIRECTV App updates in your app store. If available, update your app and restart your device.
• Uninstall and reinstall the DIRECTV App.
• Restart your DIRECTV device, if applicable.

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