Sporting event blackouts

Learn why a nationally televised game or local sporting event is unavailable on DIRECTV.
Nationally televised or local game isn't available
Sometimes a local game or nationally televised event isn't available for viewing on DIRECTV. If a game is blacked out from certain DIRECTV channels or sports subscriptions, you may be able to see it on another DIRECTV channel or on one of your local broadcast channels.

Game broadcast restrictions
Sports leagues and associations can restrict a sporting event from view. When a sporting event broadcasts from your area, it may be blacked out. National networks like ESPN and TNT have exclusive distribution rights to some games and restrict availability on these games.

Broadcasting rights
Sports blackouts and game availability aren't controlled by DIRECTV. The leagues, associations, and networks buy rights to broadcast certain games and control the broadcast availability. The restrictions they mandate are enforced by DIRECTV.

Packages and local channels
Your DIRECTV package impacts the sporting events you can view. Check your channel lineup.

Depending on your market, you might find the game on one of your local or other channels.

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