Manage your Gemini device settings

Learn how to manage your viewing preferences and settings for your Gemini device.

Access settings menu & update preferences

Review the Settings menu topics below and learn what you can do in each section. Press the Home button on the Gemini Voice remote to access Settings.

Info & Test
Run a system test, name location for device, and system info like receiver model, software version, etc.

Parental Controls
Turn parental control settings on or off. Once enabled, you’ll need the PIN code to make changes or turn controls off. Learn more about parental controls

You can also review movie and TV ratings, restrict channel access, set spending limits for on demand purchases, and establish daily viewing hours.

Remote Control
Check the connection status of your current remote. You have the option to: Add New Remote, Program a Remote, and review a Paired Remote List for this Gemini device.

Set Preferences for how the on-screen menus display. Set TV Ratio and Resolutions.

Manage default language, sound effects, and Dolby Audio settings.

Accessibility options include Closed Captioning and our text-to-speech feature, TalkBack. Learn more about DIRECTV closed captioning

Power Saving
Turn on Power Saving and conserve energy when your receiver is idle for 4 hours. Check out Screensaver options, too.

Manage settings, add/remove devices to/from your network, manage receiver name locations, and more.

Find help on popular topics and scroll from a list of FAQs.

Google Settings
Allows you to see if a Google Account is connected to the Gemini device.

To add a Google Account, go to Google Settings > Google Account > Add Account.

Review account permissions for Google Assistant, Google Cast, and Google Usage.

Apps & Storage
Provides a list of Apps on the device along with storage related info for each.

Legal Notices
Get details on Legal notices (Android TV, Google Legal), Nielsen Measurements, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policies.

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