Find info on DIRECTV STREAM sign-in errors

Learn how to resolve error messages 20001 or 20002 to access DIRECTV STREAM.
If you have trouble signing in, you may see one of these error messages:
  • 20001-001 to 20001-003: Looks like something went wrong. Please try again later.
  • 20001-021 & 20001-022: For your protection, your user ID has been temporarily locked. To unlock it, please reset your password. 
  • 20002-001 & 20002-018: For your protection, we have signed you out. Please sign in again.
  • 20002-003: Looks like there is an issue with your account. Please sign in to your online account.
Tip: Restarting your device helps to clear some errors.

Check your user ID and password

  • Be sure to use your DIRECTV STREAM user ID & password for sign in.
  • Get help with your DIRECTV STREAM user ID if you forgot it. We'll send an email to the account holder with further instructions.
  • Get password help if you can’t remember your password. An email will be sent to the account holder with password reset instructions.

Heads up
: For your protection, your account is temporarily locked after 6 unsuccessful sign-in attempts. After 60 minutes you can try again.

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