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  • DIRECTV is the #1 Total entertainment solution for National Businesses

    National businesses rely on DIRECTV to deliver a consistent, total entertainment experience across multiple locations. With nationwide availability, top rated customer satisfaction, and 99% signal reliability, DIRECTV is the smart choice for your enterprise needs.
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  • Big TV Experience for Big Businesses.

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    As the nation’s #1 satellite TV provider, DIRECTV offers your multi-location business a total entertainment solution with the best in news, sports and entertainment, plus specialty and regional sports networks, and local channels. Our industry-leading HD programming delivers your customers, employees and your entire enterprise the ultimate TV experience - no matter where they're located.
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  • img DTV Go Green

    White glove service and support.

    Whether you’re installing enterprise TV service for the first time, or switching providers, we will help you make the process simple with a dedicated team of professionals. Your DIRECTV team will help complete your sales process, launch your multi-location program, manage complex installations with key contacts at your locations, and meet all of your ongoing service needs.
  • img DTV Promise

    Dedicated point of contact, 24/7.

    As a DIRECTV business partner, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact, available to you 24/7. We know that different businesses have different demands and our customized solutions approach means we work to understand every aspect of your business to provide support that fits your needs.
  • img Energy Star

    Earth's favorite video provider. DIRECTV.

    DIRECTV’s commitment to innovation extends to creating environmentally conscious and responsible equipment. In fact, the EPA has consistently awarded DIRECTV for its commitment to energy efficiency, naming us an ENERGY STAR partner since 2009.
  • img DTV Video Network

    Need to communicate across multiple locations?

    DIRECTV helps you maximize internal communications with our reliable Private Network. You can communicate with employees, share information to increase efficiency and productivity, offer distance learning and employee training, or even broadcast your own content – all to your nationwide locations on an easy-to-use platform.
  • img DTV Sonic Tap

    Groove to the beat.

    As part of your DIRECTV Total Entertainment Solution, SonicTap Music Channels offer one source for all your favorite music with no extra royalty or usage fees. Get over 80 channels of crystal-clear music with no interruptions and no commercials, from the hottest hits, to jazz, to hip-hop, to classic rock. Only DIRECTV offers you so much choice and value.
  • img DTV iPad App

    Control every TV with one app.

    Make sure all your customers are in view of their favorite shows by controlling all your TVs with just one app. With our iPad® app, keeping your customers entertained and employees focused on your business.
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  • img cable comcast

    Don’t settle for cable.

    DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all cable and satellite providers (2015 American Customer Satisfaction Index). And since we're available nationwide settling for cable is a thing of the past. Plus, 99% signal reliability means your customers will always get their entertainment.
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  • 94% of large chain bar and restaurant subscribers believe DIRECTV creates a more enjoyable experience for customers.

    Based on a March 2014 national survey of bars and restaurants that expressed an opinion.
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