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  • DIRECTV for Offices

    Take your business
    to the top with DIRECTV
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  • Boost office productivity and employee satisfaction.

    We have just what you need to keep your employees engaged and firing on all cylinders. Give them access to essential news and information channels, as well as their favorite sports and TV entertainment to help them relax and reenergize during their breaks. With DIRECTV working for you, a positive and productive office atmosphere is guaranteed!
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  • Give your employees access
    to the best in TV entertainment.

    entertainment they want
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  • TV Packages

    Are you in finance? Media and communications? Our base packages include the channels that matter most to your industry. Looking for your favorite entertainment? Customize your package with top premium channels, including
    HBO®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and more.

    View television packages and pricing
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  • sports packages

    Sports TV Packages

    Be the world's best boss and give your office staff what they really want—DIRECTV sports! Enjoy every NFL game, every Sunday, with NFL SUNDAY TICKET and much more. When it comes to sports, it doesn’t get any better than DIRECTV.

    View sports television packages and pricing
  • international packages

    International Programming

    Keep your employees connected to the latest news and entertainment from countries and regions around the world — including China, Korea, Vietnam, Philippines, Russia and more.

    View international programming and pricing
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  • Private Networks Service

    Have offices in multiple locations? Use our digital TV service platform to transmit time-critical broadcasts and other business information. It also makes for an invaluable employee-training tool. Ask about our Private Networks Service when you call.
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  • Schedule your installation.

    Call 1-888-303-9117. We’ll help you find the best equipment solution and set up your installation appointment. On the day of your appointment, a DIRECTV installer will bring all the equipment you need, set it up, and show you how to use it.
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Top Questions:

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