DIRECTV Consumer Marketing

DIRECTV will maintain a company-specific (Internal) Do Not Mail (DNM) list of existing and prospective residential customers who request not to receive any DIRECTV marketing materials via US Postal Mail.

  • Consumers must contact the DIRECTV residential care center at 1-800-531-5000 and specify each individual member of the household and each associated address to be added to the DNM list.
  • Generally, DIRECTV processes DNM requests within 30 days. However, because our mailings are processed well in advance, you may continue to receive additional offers for some time after the request date.
    • Please note that DIRECTV may direct mail market to certain neighborhoods or zip codes. These offerings are delivered to all homes in a neighborhood or zip code. You may continue to receive this type of mailing even if you opt-out of receiving marketing related postal mailings from DIRECTV.
  • DNM requests for an individual consumer at a residential address will remain in effect for THREE years from the date of request.
  • DIRECTV does not accept DNM requests from third party providers.
  • DIRECTV DNM requests will expire upon change of address.

DIRECTV will not share or disclose DNM information with any third party other than DIRECTV vendors responsible for direct mail marketing on DIRECTV's behalf.

Notifications and other non-solicitation mail pieces are exempt from this Consumer Marketing Residential DNM Policy.

DIRECTV reserves the right to discontinue this Consumer Marketing Residential DNM policy without notice and may cease accepting DNM requests or otherwise modify this Consumer Marketing Residential DNM policy.