DIRECTV STREAM Terms of Service and End User License Agreement - Fee Schedule

This Fee Schedule is part of the DIRECTV STREAM Terms of Service and End User License Agreement (available at ), and incorporates the DIRECTV STREAM Device Terms of Use (available at ).

This Fee Schedule applies to DIRECTV STREAM subscriptions purchased with a 24-month term commitment. Unless otherwise specified, the DIRECTV STREAM monthly recurring and transactional Fees listed below are in addition to any monthly recurring charge due for your DIRECTV STREAM Service. This is not an exhaustive list; there may be additional fees that potentially apply to your DIRECTV STREAM Service. DIRECTV reserves the right to change these fees, increase or decrease these fees, or impose additional fees without notice by publishing an update to this Fee Schedule to .

The Fees listed below do not include applicable government taxes/fees, which vary by location. If you have questions about your bill, please call 800.531.5000.

Fee Schedule

FeeAmountWhen You Pay

Regional Sports Fee

Up to $8.49 (varies by market)

Fee applicable to programming packages that include regional sports networks. This fee is not a tax or charge which the government requires DIRECTV to collect from its customers.

FeeAmountDescription / When You Pay / Notes

Early Termination Fee

Up to $360 (prorated monthly)

If you terminate your Service prior to completing your 24-month term commitment with us (see Terms of Service and End User License Agreement for details).

Non-Return Fee


Applies to DIRECTV STREAM devices included with your subscription to the DIRECTV STREAM experience at no additional cost. If you do not return your device after (1) canceling service in accordance with our cancelation policy (click here for details) or (2) making a warranty claim (click here for details).

Activation Fee


One-time fee for activating the service.