DIRECTV Residential Customer Agreement - Fee Schedule

(Effective January 23, 2022, until replaced)

This Fee Schedule is part of the DIRECTV Residential Customer Agreement (available at ), and incorporates the DIRECTV Equipment Lease Agreement (available at ).

Unless otherwise specified, these Fees are in addition to any monthly recurring charge due for your DIRECTV programming. Three categories of fees are listed below: (i) AT&T Monthly Recurring Service Fees; (ii) AT&T Transactional Fees; (iii) AT&T Regulatory Cost Recovery Fees. These are our most common fees, but additional or different fees may also potentially apply to your DIRECTV service. Fees may also vary based on when you signed up for DIRECTV service. AT&T reserves the right to change these fees, increase or decrease these fees, or impose additional fees without notice by publishing an update to this Fee Schedule to .

The Fees listed below do not include applicable government taxes/fees, which vary by location. If you have questions about your bill, please call 800.531.5000.

FeeAmountWhen You Pay

Regional Sports Fee

Up to $13.99

Fee applicable to programming packages that include regional sports networks.

TV Access Fee


Fee assessed for each receiver, Genie Mini, and DIRECTV Ready TV/Device as applicable (see Equipment Lease Agreement for more details). Pricing for All-Included programming packages for new customers includes one TV Access Fee.

Advanced Receiver Service Fee

Up to $25.00

The fee is for HD, DVR, and Whole-Home Services. Depending on package and date of acquisition your pricing may have the Advanced Receiver Service included.  Refer to your invoice for details.

Vacation Hold

Up to $7

Alternate monthly recurring charge if you put your service on a temporary hold while on vacation for 2-6 months.

Minimum Service Fee

Up to $9.99

Alternative monthly recurring charge if your account is reduced to minimum service status due to non-payment.

FeeAmountDescription / When You Pay / Notes

Early Termination Fee

Up to $480 (prorated monthly)

If you terminate your Service prior to completing your Programming Commitment with us (see Equipment Lease Agreement for details).

Equipment Non-Return Fee


If you do not return your receiver(s) or Genie Mini after canceling service (see Equipment Lease Agreement for details).

Activation Fee


One-time fee for activating the service.

Dispatch Fee


If we have to dispatch a technician to repair your service. Additional fees or costs may apply if you request additional services during installation.

Duplicate Statement Fee

Up to $1.75

If you request a duplicate written statement.

Late Payment Fee

Up to $4.25 per Payment(Beginning 12/1/2020, up to $6.25))

If you don’t pay your bill by the due date. Applied on a per payment basis.

Ledger Request

Up to $2.75

If you request an itemized ledger of past payments.

Order Assistance Fee

Up to $5 per Payment

If you make your payment with the assistance of an Authorized Retail Agent, Customer Service or Collections Representative.

Phone Payment Fee

Up to $5.00 per Payment

If you talk to an agent to make your payment. To avoid this fee, pay online or through our automated system.

Receiver Upgrade Fee

Up to $399

If you upgrade your DVR and do not qualify for any discounts or promotions.

Restoral Fee

Up to $20 per Restoral

If you restore your service after it is reduced to minimum service or suspended for non-payment.

Returned Payment Fee

Up to $30 (as permitted by law)

If you make a payment by check or other method that is declined.

FeeAmountDescription / When You Pay / Notes

Federal Cost Recovery Fee


Beginning January 17, 2021, your monthly bill will include a Federal Cost Recovery Fee. Previously, this fee was assessed once a year. The fee covers the amounts that DIRECTV pays to the Federal Communications Commission (subscriber, earth station, and satellite fees), and it may include costs incurred in prior years that are not yet fully recovered. The fee is not a tax or surcharge that the government requires DIRECTV to collect from its customers.

State and Local Cost Recovery Fees

Varies by location

Monthly fees to recover amounts paid by AT&T or DIRECTV to state and local governments for taxes and other required payments. These fees are not taxes or surcharges which the government requires AT&T or DIRECTV to collect from its customers.