About Us


Since our launch in 1994, DIRECTV has continually evolved our product, best-in-class content and service to provide customers an industry-leading video offering. When it comes to the best in entertainment, we offer nearly every American the ability to beam it or stream it. If you beam it over satellite, you have access to the industry’s best picture format and exciting content in 4K HDR. If you stream it over virtually any internet connection, you can enjoy the best in Live TV and On-Demand either on your existing streaming device or on the DIRECTV STREAM Device. Those with the DIRECTV STREAM Device can build a complete, integrated and customized entertainment experience with the ability to watch and pause live TV on up to 20 devices in their home. It also allows consumers to get all their favorite entertainment in one place with easy access to apps like HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video and more.

The History of DIRECTV

June 17, 1994


The first DIRECTV system was bought by Lemoyne Martin on June 17, 1994 at “Cowboy Maloney’s” electronics store in Jackson, Mississippi


The First Sports Package

DIRECTV launches NFL Sunday Ticket, allowing football fans to watch the full-slate of out-of-market games on Sundays


Entertainment Takes to the Skies

DIRECTV introduces the first live in-flight television service for airlines on JetBlue


Going Local

DIRECTV deploys the first local-into-local spot beam satellite to beam all local channels for the top 41 markets in the US


Content in High-Def

DIRECTV launches High-Definition local channels using the Spaceway satellites, and followed with over 100 HD National channels, sparking the US’s appetite for HDTV content


A New Sports Experience

DIRECTV launches the Game Mix channels with NFL Sunday Ticket, allowing customers to watch 8 games at once


On the Move

DIRECTV is the first service to allow you to take your DVR content on-the-go with the GenieGO product


More Rooms, Less Wires

DIRECTV launches the Wireless Genie Mini and Wireless Video Bridge, bringing high-definition live video to any room in our customers’ homes without running extra wires


First in 4K

DIRECTV introduces the first 4K UHD content with Push VOD rentals, followed with live sports in 4K with the 2016 Masters Tournament (Golf) and 25 MLB games


TV Wherever, Whenever

DIRECTV NOW “General Market” streaming service launches with Cloud DVR


Smart, Superior Streaming

The AT&T TV premium streaming service launches nationally


DIRECTV All-In on Video

DIRECTV becomes a standalone company with a singular focus on video