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"Sustainability : List 1 : Header Title"
  • Entertaining the future
    of our planet

  • Solar array charging electric vehicles. DIRECTV Inverness, Colorado.
"Sustainability : List 2 : Intro"

The DIRECTV philosophy
of sustainability.

  • We're serious about being earth's favorite video provider. Which is why our approach to sustainability is one of support, openness, and dedication. It's a philosophy and a culture that's a part of our everyday lives. And it doesn't stop inside our walls—or even inside our trucks. It weaves its way into our all of our jobs, into our business partners' technologies, and into our customers' homes.
  • Sustainability is too important to begin and end with us. It belongs to everybody. And as the role of sustainability in business increases in scope, our working groups have dedicated themselves to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products. They engage across our business and industry to identify new ways we can benefit the environment.
"Sustainability : HTML : Tabs"

The Engagement Working Group maintains our reputation as the industry's sustainability leader with transparent, measurable programs that drive stakeholder engagement.

Group Goals

  • Establish best-in-class sustainability governance policies across the organization and the supply chain
  • Increase stakeholder sustainability awareness 10% annually
  • Improve reporting and sustainability performance

The Operations Working Group focuses on driving change
by maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing
environmental impact.

Group Goals

  • Reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 40% by 2020
  • Reduce waste to landfill by 95% by 2020
  • Refurbish or recycle one receiver for every new one purchased

The Product Working Group drives change by using environmentally sustainable and socially responsible methods of creating efficient products and packaging.

Group Goals

  • Decrease customer emissions by 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year by 2020
  • Improve sustainability performance of DIRECTV products and packaging
  • Reduce the amount of disposable materials procured by 25% by 2020
"Sustainability : List 4 : Employees"
  • employees

    Our employees
    lead the charge.

    Across DIRECTV, our employees have led the way in reducing our operations footprint, implementing new waste reduction projects, deploying our ENERGY STAR® certified products, and more. They've identified carbon-emissions-reducing investment opportunities in our facilities, reduced paper use through paperless fax solutions, and designed compostable and recyclable café solutions across our call centers and offices.
"Sustainability : List 5 : Energy Efficiency"
  • efficiency

    Bright ideas for
    energy efficiency.

    Energy efficiency is one of the simplest ways for us to reduce our carbon emissions. For example, we've retrofitted many of our buildings with energy-efficient lighting. In addition, we're installing solar energy systems to charge our employees' electric vehicles and power one of our highest electricity-consuming facilities.
"Sustainability : List 6 : Waste"
  • waste

    A second act for
    DIRECTV waste.

    We aim to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfills by 95% by 2020. To accomplish this, we're focusing on the three biggest contributors to our waste stream: cardboard, metal, and plastic. We’ve installed balers to recycle our cardboard. Local recyclers now take our metal. Next up, the perfect plastics partner.
"Sustainability : List 7 : Recycling"
  • recycling

    Dedicated to
    electronics recycling.

    In 2013, we recycled over 16 million pounds of electronics. That's a 69% increase over the previous year. As the volume of electronics waste per person grows each year, so will our recycling plan. That’s why we now offer to recycle our customers' electronics—regardless of brand—for free at We recycle 100% of our US e-waste according to the R2 recycling standard1.
"Sustainability : List 8 : Customers and Dedication"
  • customers

    Helping our customers
    become part of the solution.

    We're working to reduce the impact our products have on our customers' carbon footprints. That's why in 2009 we started offering ENERGY STAR® certified DIRECTV receivers. Since early 2013, the total amount of emissions generated by our receivers has dropped by nearly 200,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e). We aim to continue increasing to more than 1 million metric tons of CO2e on an annualized basis by 2020.
  • dedication

    Our dedication
    to sustainability is clear.

    We take pride in our achievements. But we're always looking to accomplish more. That's why our dedicated sustainability team is constantly pushing to implement sustainability best practices, and reporting our successes and failures. We hope our transparency inspires others to do the same so we can learn from each other and push our industry forward.
"Sustainability : List 9 : Less Waste"
  • packaging

    Reducing waste
    by using less.

    We've reduced waste by finding opportunities to use less packaging material, plastic, and paper. Starting with some of our most popular, high-volume products, we designed streamlined packaging that contains significantly less cardboard and plastic. The packaging still keeps the products safe while reducing its impact on the environment.
"Sustainability : List 10 : Leadership and Friends"
  • leadership

    Leading by example.

    DIRECTV believes in taking a strong leadership position in many areas of sustainability. If we can inspire our customers, employees, suppliers, and industry to be more sustainable, then we have truly succeeded. That's why we are working to set company policies that showcase the inherent business value in operating a more sustainable enterprise.
  • friends

    A little help from our friends.

    We rely on a variety of suppliers to help us make the best products in the industry. And by helping those suppliers improve their social and environmental standards, we make our products even better. As a member of the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition, we now require our suppliers to comply with an important set of standards designed specifically for our industry.
"Sustainability : List 11 : Questions"
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