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  • DIRECTV for Hotels

    in every room
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  • An upgrade your guests will never forget.

    Favorite movies and shows, exclusive sports packages including NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and a TV service that's simple and familiar. Your guests will love checking in to DIRECTV. And you'll love having a choice in entertainment providers, plus scalable, cost-effective solutions. Don't settle for cable—DIRECTV is available nationwide.

    For more information locate an authorized DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ dealer partner today.
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The ultimate HD entertainment experience.

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    Hotel sweet hotel.

    The groundbreaking DIRECTV RESIDENTIAL EXPERIENCE turns hotel rooms into living rooms with an entertainment experience your guests already know and love. Especially with over 85 channels of HD movies and shows. The simple, anti-microbial remote helps guests access their entertainment quickly through a user-friendly interactive program guide. Guests can also enjoy the ability to play, pause, and even rewind live TV. And for DIRECTV Residential Experience PLUS customers, DIRECTV CINEMA offers the highest quality viewing experience for your guests without taxing your hotel’s Internet bandwidth which makes for a better, faster on-demand experience.
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    Big entertainment for every size hotel.

    The COM2000 is a next-generation HD headend ideal for any size property. A single 48-channel chassis easily expands to support hundreds more. Its small, modular design reduces overall cost per channel by up to 50% for twice the HD channels over our previous solution. Plus, it's extremely energy efficient. So you're saving money in more ways than one, while filling your hotel with premium HD entertainment.
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  • entertainment they want kar
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Satisfy their appetite for entertainment.

  • Nothing feels more like home than snuggling up to a favorite show. With over 160 channels on the ULTIMATE Package featuring the best movies, original series and sports programming, everyone on your guest list will find the shows they love.
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    More Games. More Guests.

    Only DIRECTV has the sports packages you need to attract fans of every stripe. In addition, new DIRECTV Residential Experience PLUS customers can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2016 at no extra cost in all guest rooms, bars restaurants and lobby areas.
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    International programming.

    Create a home away from home for your international guests. Choose from a huge variety of foreign-language packages — including Spanish, Cantonese, and more — full of entertainment, news, and sports from around the world.
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Base TV Packages

Get 55 channels.
The most popular package,
featuring over 95 channels.
The most popular package,
featuring over 160 channels.
View Channel Lineup View Channel Lineup View Channel Lineup

To see our international packages and additional add ons, click here

For more information locate an authorized DIRECTV for BUSINESS™ dealer partner today

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