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  • DIRECTV for Hospitals

    The cure to the
    common TV
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  • Make your patients’ stay more enjoyable.

    Put your patients and their loved ones at ease with the DIRECTV entertainment they love. It’s a great way to upgrade your patients’ experience—for a price that won’t break your budget. Have questions about installation? Contact us and we’ll work with you to find the best technology solution for your hospital.
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  • Give your hospital patients
    the entertainment they want.

    entertainment they want
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TV Packages

  • Nothing feels more like home than snuggling up to a favorite show. With over 165 channels featuring the best movies, original series and sports programming, everyone on your guest list will find the shows they love.
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Base TV Packages

Get 49 channels with
over 10 in HD.
The most popular package,
featuring 100+ channels.
The most premium package with 160+ channels, over 75 in HD.
View channel lineup View channel lineup View channel lineup
$2.49/unit $6.49/unit $12.49/unit

To see our international packages and additional add ons, click here
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  • Schedule your installation.

    Unlike other commercial installations that require one receiver per television,
    our commercial receivers are maintained in a centralized location and can be remotely managed.
    Contact one of your local DIRECTV dealers to schedule a consultation.
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Top Questions:

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