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  • DIRECTV for Hospitals

    We have the perfect
    comfort solution for
    your hospital
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  • Make your patients’ stay more enjoyable.

    Put your patients and their loved ones at ease with the DIRECTV entertainment they love. It’s a great way to upgrade your patients’ experience—for a price that won’t break your budget. Have questions about installation? Contact us and we’ll work with you to find the best technology solution for your hospital.
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  • Give your hospital patients
    the entertainment they want.

    entertainment they want
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  • TV Packages

    We have the perfect cure for homesickness—over 160 channels of the hottest Hollywood blockbusters, original series, and sports programming. Select the ULTIMATE® Package if you want them all or choose from a great variety of specialized TV packages like Family Favorites, and more.

    View television packages and pricing
  • International Programming

    Get a lot of patients from different parts of the world? Make their hospital stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible with the best programming from their home country. We offer Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Spanish, and Russian programming.

    View international programming and pricing
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  • Schedule your installation.

    Unlike other commercial installations that require one receiver per television,
    our commercial receivers are maintained in a centralized location and can be remotely managed.
    Contact one of your local DIRECTV dealers to schedule a consultation.
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Top Questions:

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