Never miss your shows wherever you go!
Land or air—watch your TV shows anywhere
With our cutting-edge service for travelers, you can enjoy your favorite TV entertainment wherever your travels take you.


Hit the road with your TV in tow

We offer over 185 channels, guaranteed to keep everyone entertained on long trips. All you need is a mobile receiver and a subscription to one of our packages for cars, minivans, and SUVs.

Contact Signal Connect, KVH Industries or Winegard, to order your mobile receiver and programming. For tailgating options, contact KING.


Planning a road trip with your motorhome?

Enjoy the best movies, sports, and family entertainment with our packages for RVs. You might also be eligible to receive CBS, FOX, and NBC from an East, West, or National feed via our Distant Network Services.

Contact one of the following distributors to order your mobile receiver and programming: Signal Connect, KVH Industries, Winegard, or KING.


Get your personal in-flight entertainment

Our AIRBORNE OFFICE CHOICE package of over 145 of the best TV channels is sure to keep everyone entertained all the way to their destination.

Contact one of the following distributors to order your mobile satellite receiver and programming: HoneywellRockwell Collins, or Satcom Direct.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference in service for mobile vehicles and service for multiple homes?
    Multiple homes require another account if you want service at both homes at the same time. Mobile accounts also require a dedicated account for your RV or big rig.

    There are also different rules regarding local channels, since a mobile receiver may be taken out of area, where your local channels are not available.
  • Why can't my mobile vehicle account have my local channels from my original location?
    Due to FCC regulations, the broadcast signal for local channels may not be available in all locations. Your local channels are delivered via a spot beam satellite that targets areas immediately around a city where you live, like a spotlight. If you leave the spot beam area, your local channels will no longer be available.

    Example: If your primary receiver is in Tampa, FL, and you are in an RV in Seattle, WA, the RV receiver won’t get local channels, because the satellite transmits signal only to the area around Tampa, FL. As soon as you drive your RV inside the Tampa, FL, spot beam area, you will be able receive the Tampa locals again.
  • Can I get DIRECTV service in my RV?
    Yes, DIRECTV offers services for RVs and mobile homes that allow you to enjoy DIRECTV programming on the road. With specialty mobile equipment you can receive most of the same programming you would at home. Learn more

    Please note: Some local programming and features—including seasonal sports subscriptions, DIRECTV CINEMA or Pay Per View ordering with your remote control, certain features of advanced receivers, and secondary subscriptions on additional receivers—are not available on RVs and mobile homes.

    To order DIRECTV for your mobile home, please contact an RV equipment dealer. If you already have the required equipment, please contact us at 800.531.5000 for more information about programming.