Enjoy Peacock Premium through DIRECTV

Ready for more binge-watching, Peacock style? Peacock Premium is available to DIRECTV via internet and DIRECTV via satellite customers with an eligible account type.

Even better, DIRECTV offers a discounted subscription to Peacock Premium that makes it easy to manage Peacock Premium right from your DIRECTV account.

Peacock Premium: More to watch. More to love.
A subscription to Peacock Premium is your all-access pass to stream current hits, blockbuster movies, bingeworthy TV shows, and exclusive originals—plus news, sports, WWE, and more.

How do I sign up for Peacock Premium?
Signing up for Peacock Premium is easy. First, make sure you don’t already have a Peacock Premium account. Want to sign up now? We’ll take you there. Just select the link below based on your type of account:

How do I watch Peacock Premium?
Once your account is activated, you can watch Peacock Premium in three ways:

  1. On the Peacock App (available at all app stores)
  2. At Peacocktv.com
  3. By clicking the “Watch Now” link on the Peacock card on your Manage My TV Package page at DIRECTV

How will I be billed?
The monthly charges for Peacock Premium will be added to your regular DIRECTV bill.


How do I cancel Peacock Premium?

It’s easy to cancel Peacock Premium at any time. Simply go to the Peacock card on your Manage My TV Package page and select “REMOVE.”

  • DIRECTV via internet customers will be able to watch Peacock Premium until the end of their billing cycle since they pay in advance. At the end of their billing cycle, they won’t be charged again.
  • DIRECTV via satellite customers will have Peacock Premium canceled immediately. They won’t be able to watch after canceling, and they may get a prorated credit on their next bill, depending on when they cancel.

Are there other premium channels and streaming services available through DIRECTV?
Yes! You can add premium channels and streaming services directly through your DIRECTV account. Here’s a complete list of current premium add-on channels:

Discover add-on channels and options

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