Viewing options during signal interference

Learn what to do if you have pixilation, frozen picture or temporary interference with your DIRECTV reception.

Interference due to an outage or bad weather

You can always count on DIRECTV’s 99% signal reliability. And on the rare instance that your signal is interrupted, we’re ready.

Alternate watching options for TV

  • Keep Watching with Broadband (SignalSaver™) – Rain or shine, the game goes on. Keep watching in HD over your broadband connection if signal is lost. Learn about Keep Watching with Broadband option.
  • Watch in Low Res – Continue watching in SD until signal improves. This option is available when your receiver is not connected to internet or on channels that don’t yet support the Keep Watching with Broadband option.
  • Watch DVR Recordings or On Demand – Press LIST on your remote to access DVR recordings. For On Demand options, go to Ch. 1000.


Watch online or on a compatible device

Tip: If the storm has weakened, try changing the channel to see if signal is restored. Many non-weather related service issues can be cleared by restarting your receiver.

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