Keep watching with SignalSaver

If your satellite service is interrupted by weather or signal loss, keep watching in HD using your internet connection.


Keep watching with SignalSaver™

If you experience signal loss, you may be able to continue watching in HD via live stream using your home’s high speed internet connection. The on-screen display will remain until you choose to Keep Watching or the satellite signal has been restored. There is no cost for using this feature.  Data usage is based on your plan with your Internet Service Provider.

SignalSaver™ is available:

To use this feature when displayed:

  1. Select Keep Watching.
  2. The Loading streaming content screen will display.
  3. Channel streaming will begin within seconds and continues until the channel is changed. Your receiver will then attempt to load the program using satellite signal. If signal is still not available, the Keep Watching with Broadband option will display.

Good to know: Live video controls (FF, Rewind, Restart, Pause) are available. Some other features are not available while streaming over broadband. Those include:

  • Recording
  • Picture-in-picture

General help & troubleshooting

If the Something went wrong error screen displays, or you experience other issues while streaming, try the following:

  • Reload the current channel by using the channel up arrow and then back down.
  • Change to an SD version of the channel, if available. If you don’t see SD channels in the Guide, go to Menu > Settings > Display > Preferences > Guide Channels > Select all channels.
  • Watch a DVR recording from your playlist.

Keep Watching option not available during signal loss

On your remote control, press the DASH (-) button twice to display your receiver info.

The channel you’re currently watching may not provide this option.

Too Many Streams error message

This error displays if you exceed the maximum number of 3 simultaneous streams. To continue watching on your current device, stop streaming on one of the other devices.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us.

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