How DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS Can Help Drive Customers to Your Restaurant Business

How DIRECTV FOR BUSINESS Can Help Drive Customers to Your Restaurant Business

DIRECTV Can Help Engage Your Customers

Business is sizzling in the restaurant industry. The foodservice industry is forecast to reach $898B in sales and the industry workforce is projected to grow by 400,000 jobs in 2022.¹ In order to keep up with this growth pattern, restaurant operators are cooking up ways to stand out and create a dining experience that transcends food alone, including adding TVs in their establishments. DIRECTV can help make every visit more engaging for diners, which bolsters their loyalty and keeps them at their table longer.

How to Attract Restaurant Customers

Locally sourced ingredients, a diverse menu and healthy options all contribute to quality dining experience. But they won’t necessarily bring customers through the door on their own. DIRECTV can help drive traffic during slow times and boost sales of high-margin items, such as appetizers, snacks and drinks. A restaurant that carefully considers its audience and theme when drawing up its programming plan can win by complementing a memorable meal with great entertainment.


Did you know

73% of diners agree that restaurant technology (like integrated POS systems) improves their guest experience2

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Guests rated loyalty programs, online reservations, and mobile ordering as the most important features to their guest experience.3


Restaurants are starting to plan events around popular televised events like award shows and the Bachelor to bring in new customers.4


More and more restaurants are promoting discounts and upcoming events on social media instead of using traditional advertising methods.3



Staying staffed up

Restaurant operators confirm that the labor pool is very shallow. In the National Restaurant Association’s May 2022 tracking survey, 58% of operators said recruiting and retaining employees is the top challenge currently facing their business.9

The cost of innovation

Restaurants are feeling the pressure to update their systems and technology to keep pace with other businesses. But the investment required can be substantial—which has left many restaurants weighing the value of these innovations.3

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Evolving customer demands

Guests’ perception of an excellent dining experience has evolved. The ways in which a restaurant meets customer needs has to evolved from just a decade ago. Restaurant owners can lean on emerging tools, such as Yelp Trends, to get a better sense of what guests expect.4  





Restaurant owners and managers are constantly looking for any edge they can find to help their business thrive. DIRECTV can help give restaurants more appeal by delivering the right mix of programming and giving patrons a reason to stay longer. In addition to shows, sports and news, DIRECTV also offers a wide selection of family-friendly channels both the kids and adults can enjoy in restaurants.

1. Experiment with the dining experience


With so many restaurants providing high quality food and service managers need a way to set themselves apart and appeal to the customer’s overall experience.4


DIRECTV offers the flexibility and breadth of options a restaurant needs to customize its guest experience. Create a theme-specific ambiance with DIRECTV Music Choice® Premium appeal to a specific audience with sports or international programming and tie special promotions into popular televised occasions, like season finales, awards shows and political events.3 And with the DIRECTV for BUSINESS TV Remote App, restaurant staff can see what’s playing on every TV from one screen, browse the programming guide and see what sporting events are coming up.

2. Be the “it” place


Competition is tougher than ever with more than 1 million restaurants currently operating in the United States.6


Be the restaurant where Americans come to watch live sports— since nearly 154 million of them watch live sports at least once a month.10 And according to a Nielsen, Americans who watch sports on TV prefer to do so in large groups at restaurants and bars,11 so a sports package from DIRECTV could be the perfect combination. Packages like NBA LEAGUE PASS, MLB EXTRA INNINGS,® NHL® CENTER ICE®—plus exclusive programming like NFL SUNDAY TICKET, ESPN COLLEGE EXTRA, and ESPN+ for Business (PGA Tour Live being included).

* With DIRECTV and NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Out-of-market games only included in NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscriptions. Select international games excluded. Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately. Blackout restrictions apply.

3. Set the tone for long-term success


60% of restaurants don’t make it past their first year.7


DIRECTV can be a valuable tool that helps to drive repeat business by creating a more pleasant dining experience. Patrons can stay up to date on news of the day or be entertained by a variety of popular programs. They’ll come for the food and stay for DIRECTV.



For a restaurant experience worthy of a five-star review, restaurants need to serve up more than great food. DIRECTV helps satisfy patrons’ appetite for entertainment with a wide variety of movies, shows, sports and news.

Pack the house for every game

With the best NFL, NBA, NHL® and MLB programming options, restaurants can keep the momentum going all week long.  

Become the entertainment hub

DIRECTV can help a restaurant gain a reputation for being more than just a great place to eat. Become the hot-spot for Pay-Per-View events, like UFC, WWE, MMA, FIFA soccer, Showtime’s Championship Boxing and more. And with viewing parties and special program-based promotions, a restaurant can be the go-to place everyone gathers.

Spread the word

Our complimentary DIRECTV MVP Marketing Program makes it simple for any bar or restaurant to let everyone know they’ve got best in entertainment.11 Benefits include:

  • Marketing Materials to promote games on NFL SUNDAY TICKET, MLB EXTRA INNINGS,® NHL® Center Ice,® NBA League Pass, ESPN College Extra and more!
  • Access to DIRECTVMVP.COM to view, download and print the most up-to-date sports schedules, plus find helpful hints to grow your businesses.
  • The DIRECTV Sports Bar Finder mobile app so patrons can search near their current location for bars and restaurants featuring a particular sporting event.

Get into a rhythm

A major part of a restaurant’s ambiance is its music. With DIRECTV satellite music channels, the never-ending playlist can feature any genre—from cool indie tunes to hot country hits.




Restaurants can order off the main menu to add these incrementally valuable DIRECTV features to their service.


Fans won’t miss a minute of the action when you give them our popular sports packages.

Pump them up with NHL® Center Ice,® MLB EXTRA INNINGS® and NBA LEAGUE PASS. Plus, only DIRECTV has NFL SUNDAY TICKET, featuring every live game, every Sunday,* so football fans can watch their favorite out-of-market teams. Bars can even receive a free promotional marketing kit to drive traffic.

* With DIRECTV and NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Out-of-market games only included in NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscriptions. Select international games excluded. Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately. Blackout restrictions apply.


DIRECTV is fluent in international programming, so there’s a wide variety of foreign-language packages featuring channels from around the globe.  


Go beyond the essentials with a higher-tier package that offers a bigger selection of channels for more news, sports and entertainment.


  1. Reduce perceived wait times in the front of the house.
  2. Get people talking in the bar or lounge.
  3. Brighten up outdoor dining on the patio.
  4. Keep guests connected in the main dining area.
  5. Have access to breaking stories in back offices.
  6. Add more enjoyment to the staff break room.


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