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Getting Started

What Is Genie?

How is DIRECTV Installed?


DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR Service

The DIRECTV Universal Remote

Learn About the Genie Remote Control

Watch / Streaming

Customize DIRECTV HD Channel Guide

Setting Up Your Device

What's in the Gemini device box - Wired

What's in the Gemini device box - Wireless

Set up your Gemini device - Wired

Set up your Gemini device - Wireless

How to Connect a Replacement Genie Receiver (Wired & Wireless)

Connect DIRECTV Genie receiver to the internet

Over-the-Air Antenna Setup

Connect your DIRECTV Local Channel Connector


Error Code 775: Quick Fixes

DIRECTV Error Code 771

Error Codes 761 & 762

DIRECTV Error Code 920

Fix your DIRECTV remote control

DIRECTV Error Codes 724, 725, & 726

DIRECTV Error Code 721

DIRECTV Error Code 722

Settings / Features

DIRECTV Parental Controls

What is DIRECTV DoublePlay?

How do I use DIRECTV Smart Search?

What is DIRECTV QuickTune?

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