Your first DIRECTV bill
Learn what to expect on your first DIRECTV billing statement and review common charges.

Explanation of common first bill charges

Partial month (or pro-rated) charges
Once service is installed, your charges begin on that date.

Monthly charges billed in advance
Your service is billed in advance each month.

One-time charges
Your first bill may include charges for installation, equipment, or other non-recurring costs.

Installment billing
Installment billing divides some non-recurring charges into equal monthly payments. Taxes and surcharges for these items are not eligible for installment billing and are charged upfront.

Examples of charges that may be billed in installments include:
  • Equipment
  • Full installation by a technician
  • Service activation fees
Promotional pricing
Promotional pricing can take up to two billing periods to appear and may not appear on your first statement.

Taxes, surcharges, and other fees
Taxes may apply to charges for products and services in your bill. Specific taxes vary by state and locality. These are charges authorized by law and may include state-specific surcharges or regulatory fees.

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