Learn about the features of your DIRECTV Genie or DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR and receiver, and how to order equipment.


HD DVR features and how to order

Genie HD DVR features

The Genie HD DVR comes with the following features:
  • Complete HDTV service - A Genie DVR serves up HDTV for all the TVs in your home.
  • Pause, record, or delete shows - Pause, record, and delete TV shows from any room.
  • Switch TVs on the fly - Start watching a show in one room and continue in another.
  • Record multiple shows at the same time - Record up to five shows at once, all in HD.
  • Full TB of storage - Genie's full terabyte of memory provides plenty of storage for your favorite shows, movies, and sports.

DIRECTV Plus HD DVR features

The DIRECTV Plus HD DVR comes with the following features:
  • Record shows using any device - With a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR and DIRECTV receiver, you can record your favorite shows and even set your DVR using your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Watch recorded shows from any room – With DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR, everyone in your family can enjoy their favorite entertainment on their own schedule on any TV in your home. Every TV in your home has access to your HD DVR, so you can enjoy a recorded show in the comfort of your bedroom, even if your HD DVR is in another room.
  • Manage DVR recordings from any room - Whole-Home DVR service also lets you manage your DVR from any TV in your home. You can set your DVR to record a show from any room or delete any recorded show.
  • Switch TVs on the fly - If you are enjoying a recorded movie in the living room, but you want to finish watching it in the bedroom, it's no problem. Just stop the movie, and once you're in the bedroom, go to your DVR playlist and resume watching where you left off.

How to order an HD DVR

New customers - When ordering DIRECTV service, select the Genie HD DVR or DIRECTV Plus HD DVR. If ordering a Genie HD DVR, remember to add a Genie Mini for each additional TV.

Existing customers
- Please call 800.531.5000.