Get help with your Gemini device

Find out how to fix issues with signal, connecting to internet, buffering, picture freezing or pixelation, and other error messages.

Restart your Gemini device

If you experience picture issues like pixelation, freezing, or a blank screen, try resetting your device. A restart fixes many problems:

  1. Press and release the red reset button on the side of the device.
  2. Wait for the device to reboot – and start watching again.

Fix connection related errors

The Gemini device needs to be connected to your home internet network.

See instructions for connecting your receiver to internet.

If you see error code 630, your DIRECTV Gemini Device is unable to connect to your Wireless Video Bridge. Learn how to fix error 630 Unable to Connect

If your Gemini device is no longer connected to internet or needs a software update, you may see error codes 216, 217, or 219.

Learn more about errors 215 through 219 and to fix them

For additional assistance with your Gemini device, please call 888.488.4742.

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