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Welcome to the DIRECTV Fraud Awareness and Prevention Center

We’re committed to helping you beat fraudsters at their own game – that starts with empowering you. Here you’ll find tools to help you report fraud, file an identity theft claim, and stay on top of some of the latest scam trends. Fraudsters impersonate businesses across every industry, but when it comes to DIRECTV, know this:
  • We will never ask you to pay up front for discounted services, to activate promotions or to upgrade your existing equipment.
  • We will never include links to third-party websites in payment confirmation emails.

What's trending

Knowing what to watch for is the best first step in protecting yourself.

Identity theft

Steps you can take to help prevent someone from using your identity for suspicious activity.

Social engineering

Protect yourself from new twists on one of the oldest tricks in the game.


Fake emails are often used as bait as criminals try to reel you in.

DIRECTV for business customers

Improve your business readiness for evolving security challenges.