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"Media Share : Intro"
  • Enjoy your treasured memories on your big screen TV.

    Why huddle around your computer when you want to enjoy your photos, music and videos? DIRECTV's Media Share feature gives you an exciting new way to share them with your friends and family.
"Media Share : Turn your living room"

Turn your living room into a private screening room.

  • Private screening room
"Media Share : See what you can do"
  • Display your favorite photos

    Access the photos stored on your computer. You can quickly browse thumbnail images or create a slideshow.
  • Watch your favorite videos

    Give your favorite videos the big-screen viewing they deserve. You can even pause and rewind.
  • Listen to your favorite music

    Hear tunes from your playlist through your TV. You can play music while viewing photos or watching live or recorded TV.
"Media Share : Setup"
"Media Share : Closing"
  • Bring your family together with Media Share.

    Set up Media Share by connecting your DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR to your computer.
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"Media Share : At a Glance"

At a Glance

  • Bring photos, videos and tunes stored on your computer to your big screen TV

  • Share JPEG, MPEG and MP3 file formats

  • Connecting your computer to your receiver takes just a few minutes

"WIDTV : Tech Forum : 1"

Tech Forum

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