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Guitar Center Sessions tv show cover art
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Guitar Center Sessions

All Time Low

  • TV14
  • Genre: Series, Music, Musical, Concerts
{ "tmsId": "EP017312510023", "materialId": "B000384874U3", "resumePoint": "", "tinyUrl": "", "isProtected": true, "hasAd": false, "originalAirDate":"07/18/2013", "episodeTitle":"All Time Low", "posterImageUrl": "", "title": "Guitar Center Sessions", "description": "An intimate concert and interview with pop punk band, All Time Low. Performances include \'The Reckless and the Brave\', \'Weightless\', \'Dear Maria, Count Me In\', and \'Somewhere in Neverland\' with host, Nic Harcourt.", "channelLogoUrl": "", "reportingPlayerLocation": "Program Details", "reportingContentGroup": "E", "reportingContentType": "E", "reportingPremiumNetwork": "DIRECTV 101", "reportingStreamingType": "PREMIUM", "reportingPlayerName": "DRM", "format":"HD" } Watch Now

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